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January 2024

Early Escape to the Paradise Valley

Your active getaway can start today

Winter can be frosty or temperate. Spring can be early or hesitant. When in need of a break, we don't want to wait for the weather, do we? For outdoor enthusiasts, the Vipava Valley and Goriška offer great choices at any time, literally all year round. The exceptional natural features, mild climate, varied landscape and thrilling altitude differences always present opportunities for an active holiday in the valley. And when nature does force us to change our plans now and then, these parts offer many curiosities under a safe roof as well. That's when the Paradise Valley reveals all its charms.

Cycling into a brand new day

Why is cycling in the Vipava Valley and Goriška such a special experience? You can choose from a rich selection of trails of various difficulties, suitable for a range of bicycles and physical conditioning levels. Many trails along the valley and the Vipava River invite you to a leisurely family-friendly ride. The picturesque vine-covered hills offer plenty of cycling fun for the more demanding cyclist, and with an electric bike, they are accessible to everyone. Those looking for steep long climbs will find it easy to challenge their endurance here, too. Did you know that our roads have twice hosted a stage of the famous Giro d'Italia? No less exciting are the mountain biking trails that follow the edges and slopes of tall plateaus overlooking the valley, offering up to 1,000 metres of elevation. For many, an even more compelling reason to cycle our region is the abundance of delightful stops. Will you take the time to see the sights along the way? Do you like to relax by sampling the local delicacies? With our Bike & Taste offer you can literally cycle from flavour to flavour, discovering culinary and wine specialties of the land and meeting friendly locals who make these parts a foodie paradise. In choosing your route, the web application Vipava Valley Outdoor will be of handy assistance.

Stories of the hiking trails

Perhaps you'd prefer to explore the scenic nature and ancient landscape of the Vipava Valley and Goriška, filled with castles, historic villages and renowned landmarks, on foot? Hiking trails will likewise fascinate you with their diversity, while a special charm is brought by the stories you can discover along the way. In the Footsteps of Matija Vertovec, a popular annual group hike, will show you the history of winemaking in the Vipava Valley, the pilgrim site Mt Sveta Gora above Nova Gorica is reached by way of tunnels and caverns of the First World War, the wealth of the riverside flora and fauna can be discovered at the Educational Trail along the Vipava River, while the great biodiversity of the Trnovo Forest Plateau is revealed by the Trail Along the Edge offering breathtaking views. On the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic you can choose any of the Trails to Sabotin Hill and encounter soul-stirring stories at the Sabotin Peace Park. Opportunities for inspiring hikes abound elsewhere, too. Find them on our web app, or you can also visit one of the Tourist Information Centres providing lots of useful information and maps of the local hiking trails.

A paradise for the active and curious. All year round.

Thanks to the exceptional natural surroundings you can also spend your active holiday here in many other ways. Would you like to go paragliding, try one of the climbing routes, go paddleboarding on the Vipava River in the summer, kayak or raft down the Soča River? Maybe you need a good dose of adrenaline? Browse our website and choose a perfect experience just for you. Don't worry about the weather, our land enjoys plenty of sunny days across the year and can offer interesting activities even when it's cloudy. Do you know about our cultural landmarks? Have you checked the MUST DO Experiences in the Paradise Valley? The Vipava Valley and the Goriška region lie at the crossroads of worlds and cultures. Millennia of remnants, from Roman fortifications to medieval castles, and shifting national borders over the past century tell the story of historical turning points and extraordinary human creativity. You can witness it all, rounding off your exploration with local specialties and a taste of heavenly flavours proving that the Paradise Valley is real.


Book your accommodations ahead of time

Countryside accommodations, campsites, glamping, rooms and apartments are all great starting points for outdoor activities. They fill up quickly from spring to late autumn, especially during major sporting and culinary events, so we recommend booking early.