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March 2024

Harmony of Activities and Flavours

When your day ends with a: WOW!

People are increasingly demanding travellers. We're not talking about pickiness or fuss here, and certainly not about trendy whims. The high expectations we all have as modern travellers usually stem from a desire for genuine experience. We do not visit distant places or the other side of the world to do things as we do them at home and eat the same way. We expect authenticity and sincerity from the newness we seek. In the Vipava Valley, guests stroll the paths frequented by the locals, enjoy the food and drink that are part of our traditions and always stay in friendly company. Discover why we confidently say that our valley is a paradise.

Along the trails of famous international competitions

The variety of this landscape fascinates visitors. Tall karst plateaus rising over the Vipava Valley and Nova Gorica, and rolling winegrowing hills on the valley's other side along the entire course of the Vipava River shape a unique vista. Can you imagine how many great outdoor activities this natural environment has to offer? Exceptional places for hiking, running, cycling, paragliding, climbing and water sports have also been recognised by the organisers of international sports competitions.

Nova Gorica and the Vipava Valley have twice hosted a stage of the famous Giro d'Italia cycling race and are the regular setting of the Tour of Slovenia. International competitions are held for paragliders and hang gliders, while Solkan near Nova Gorica hosts many kayaking events on the Soča River. One of the biggest international events is the Ultra Trail Vipava Valley cross-country running competition. In addition to shorter races, it features two extremely challenging mountain races of 170 and 100 kilometres. With a total length of more than 200 km, its trails literally embrace the Vipava Valley, touching the edge of the Kras and crossing the border with Italy in Goriška. The start and finish of all the races is in Ajdovščina. The trails, attracting thousands of competitors, friends and spectators during the competition, are permanently marked. Throughout the year you can test your running and hiking endurance there, enjoying wonderful views and discovering natural sights. For more information about the trails please contact any tourist information centre.

At the table, it's like the old times

to grow vegetables all year round, and ripe fruit from the tree can be enjoyed on as many as seven months of the year. Did you know that there are 31 local grape varieties in the Vipava Valley? Its winemakers have managed to preserve them to this day, including the highly prized indigenous white varieties Zelen and Pinela. Once a year, a special wine festival is dedicated to each, where visitors can also taste traditional snacks.

Like the wines, modern local food follows a vibrant tradition. Traditional menus are always seasonal, and the ingredients almost exclusively locally sourced. In the inns and tourist farms you will encounter typical dishes such as prosciutto and dry meats from the Vipava Valley, vegetable soups and stews with the staple jota at the forefront, savoury or sweet štruklji rolled dumplings, seasonal strudels and the wholesome frtalja. The restaurants lean on tradition as well but choose more creative approaches and impress with their mastery of plating. Spring is always exciting from a culinary point of view, bringing ingredients to the table that are only available for a few weeks. The first to delight foodies is the asparagus, both white and green, known as an outstanding health food. Alongside traditional spring vegetables, the roses are a real surprise, enriching the plates with new colours and flavours in Nova Gorica at the beginning of May. From simple flavours to Michelin-star restaurants, it's all here in one place, ready to impress you.

Enjoying the harmony

In the Vipava Valley and Goriška, everything is always close at hand. The destination, stretching just 40 km in length, allows you to combine a variety of activities in any way you like, without missing out on a single thing. Finishing a long hike along the edge of the Trnovo Forest Plateau, will you visit a tourist farm with local foods and enjoy a wine tasting? Or perhaps, after a hearty lunch, take a short walk to a nearby cultural attraction? By far the most popular combination of activities is covered in our Bike & Taste in the Paradise Valley offer, cycling from flavour to flavour. In this region you can cycle anywhere, and with an electric bike even the higher elevations accessible to all. When choosing your cycling routes – the Vipava Valley Outdoor web app can be a great help – don't overlook the many natural and cultural landmarks. Their stories will turn your active day into an unforgettable experience.