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July 2023

Rhythm of Summer in the Paradise Valley

Activities in nature and pamperings in the open wine cellars

Holidays! We've turned our backs on routine, it's time for a different rhythm of life. Let the mornings linger with a slow wholesome breakfast from local delicacies. Let the days be coloured by adventuring in fascinating places and your favourite activities in nature. Let the evenings unwind in meetings with the locals and traditional wine tastings in the Vipava Valley cellars. Before counting the stars at night and dreaming of another heavenly day ... In the Vipava Valley and Goriška, you can experience all this and much more. Summer days in the Paradise Valley are lively yet easygoing, so you can mix leisure and rest according to your whim – or mood. Jump!

So what if it's hot

At the peak of summer, temperatures are high. Such is the rhythm of nature. We also can't ignore the steadily warming global trends of course. But we can still plan a summer getaway in places that allow for a pleasant retreat from the heat. In the Vipava Valley and Goriška, refreshment is always just a few steps away. When the sun sizzles across the valley you can embark on a hike or a cycling tour along the forested paths of the Trnovo Forest Plateau and the Banjšice Plateau. In the eastern part of the Trnovo Forest awaits The Gora Plateau, an idyllic landscape of beauty above the Vipava Valley, enchanting with its natural landmarks like the Otlica Natural Window, many opportunities for active relaxation and wonderful views reaching all the way to the sea. The plateaus Trnovo and Banjšice, which rises mystically over Nova Gorica on the other side of the Trnovo Forest, thrill visitors with their karst phenomena, extraordinary flora and rich cultural heritage. In these parts there are plenty of shaded trails and far lower air temperatures than in the valley where you'll likely be staying, though it also offers ample refreshment. For a quick jump in the water we recommend visiting the Nova Gorica outdoor pool or the Ajdovščina outdoor pool where you can also stay overnight in the camp. Lots of cool entertainment is found by the local rivers. For a proper river adventure between the green banks you can paddleboard on the Vipava River. Near Solkan you can also kayak on the Soča River, go for special water experiences or enjoy a jolt of adrenaline in the Soča Fun Park. The riverbanks are nice and fresh even on the hottest days, offering many adventures.

As evening descends, a hop into the cellar

In the summertime there's lots of opportunities to taste Vipava Valley wines with the local winemakers. In July and August, in the frame of the Open Cellars special offer, Vipava Valley's winemakers traditionally invite guests to the tasting of excellent wines and home snacks. After some pleasant activities in nature or the discovery of cultural landmarks, take time for what's perhaps the valley's most characteristic experience: visiting a wine cellar and enjoying choice treats from the house offer. Wine tastings in the Vipava Valley are in a class of their own. The wineries tend to have beautiful tasting rooms where you'll be personally received by the winemaker or a family member. Carefully guided wine tastings present the family story, winemaking philosophy, special varieties, vineyard sites and more. Tastings serve local snacks and always include a tour of the cellar, sometimes the vineyards, too. Most of the wine cellars participating in the summer offer are open for tastings in the afternoon and early evening, while some already welcome visitors before noon. Check the available offer on your day of choice. The winemakers will be happy to see you anytime during opening hours, but a previous appointment is required so that the family can fully dedicate to each guest.

Don't miss the summer culture events

Any place you're staying in the Vipava Valley and Goriška, event settings are within a half an hour's drive. The biggest offer is found by visiting the Summer in Nova Gorica. In Nova Gorica and its vicinity, a lively cultural pulse is already announcing the coming European Capital of Culture, to be hosted by Nova Gorica together with the neighbouring Italian Gorizia in 2025. All summer, on Thursdays and Fridays, another site with a selection of cultural events is the Summer in Vipavski Križ, happening in the square of this famous walled medieval village. In late August the Vipavski Križ will also be hosting the Festival of Vipava Valley Wines, thrilling with its selection of fantastic local wines.

Plenty of opportunity to spend a heavenly time. Choose your preferred summer rhythm and enjoy the Paradise Valley!