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May 2023

Flavours, Flavours ...

Holidays are always welcome, isn't it so? For their message and for the merry company they invite us into. In May, the Flavours of the Vipava Valley Wine and Food Festival is a special bow to the Vipava Valley soil, its rich gifts and the people cultivating it. It is the shop window of the local wine and culinary creativity, a holiday that each year reminds us just how much knowledge and passion goes into each glass of wine and every other local delicacy available for enjoyment all year long. Experience a tremendous wealth of flavours. The Paradise Valley is real!

Pamperings that leave you speechless

Some people like to plan exactly what foods they'll be able to enjoy, what drinks are considered the specialties of the place, what gourmet treats they can take home before they decide to choose their next destination. Are you one of them? Guests love to return to the Vipava Valley and Goriška for the experience of outstanding wines and colourful offer of tasty dishes. The Vipava Valley winegrowing district is famous for its specialties, preserved old grape varieties and the modern mastery of local winemakers impressing even the most demanding wine lovers. A masterful approach to the preparation of dishes and thrilling plates also await in the restaurants praised by international culinary guides like the Michelin and the Gault&Millau. Still, you shouldn't expect to witness pampering only where acclaimed names of local gastronomy reside. From the simplest Osmica open door events – quite some are available during this time – and wine tastings with the winemakers, to countryside inns offering home dishes, flavours doing justice to the Paradise Valley's name are served to its visitors. And don't miss the Flavours of the Vipava Valley Wine and Food Festival, running on 21 and 22 May in the Lanthieri Mansion in Vipava, inviting to many tastings, workshops, and the pop-up Vipava Valley marketplace.

Cycling from flavour to flavour

Cycling is another reason people keep returning for holidays here. The Lonely Planet, which in 2018 featured the Vipava Valley among its top 10 best in Europe destinations, then wrote that the valley is best explored by bike. There are so many possibilities! On trails of various difficulty, by road or gravel bike, any mountain bike and of course by electric bike, you can sightsee the beauty of the Vipava Valley and Goriška, now also with the help of our Vipava Valley Outdoor app offering a selection of cycling routes with descriptions of points of interest along the way. After cycling the land, you simply have to reward yourself with local flavours and indulge in relaxing activities. Bike & Taste in the Paradise Valley is our way of describing the wide range of culinary and other experiences that make each day on the bike a heavenly one. Any time, since thanks to our mild Mediterranean climate, the cycling season lasts all year round.

Culinary and wine adventures

Welcoming guests, the locals like to say: here, everything is uniquely different. Since ancient times, and especially during the period of the Romans, the valley has been a singular meeting place of cultures, each leaving its traces behind. They may be recognized in the daily life of the locals while also adding their touch to the local wines and dishes. This is why we advise you to embark on culinary and wine adventures in the company of the local guides, who will mix and match foodie pleasures with your cycling trips and hiking adventures. In fact, culinary delights are a staple of nearly all the top adventures you can go for in this place. Uniquely different, all year round.

Don't forget – when planning summer holidays, make sure to book your accommodations in our countryside in timely fashion. You can choose between a variety of excellent glamping sites, apartments, private rooms and camps, while many hotels are also found in the urban centres.