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July 2022

Hot. Cold. Unique.

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Summer is a time of contrasts: blazing sun and sudden storm, mountain peak and river pool, the rustic fragrance of home bread and the perfect atmosphere of a prestigious restaurant, views from a reclining chair and the endless paragliding horizon ... In the Vipava Valley you can experience them all in a single day, within a couple dozen kilometres embraced by pristine hospitality. Explore favourite hotspots and discover local landmarks, enjoy popular guided experiences or try your hand at adrenaline sports. Refreshment and peace in nature are found by the calm rivers and in the vast forests, while a magical chill awaits in the traditional wine cellars of the Vipava Valley. Hot or cold, there's opportunities to encounter uniqueness on every step of the Vipava Valley and the Goriška.

Summer exploration

Modern tourism often feels like travelling from site to site, looking for the best photography spots and posing for that perfect new selfie. But if we take our time and pause a little, the local landmarks, especially those lesser known, can offer so much more. In the Vipava Valley and Goriška you can enjoy the summertime exploration of top cultural landmarks in various active ways. Castles and mansions, Roman remnants and medieval settlements, mysterious monasteries, famous bridges and important memorials are all accessible by bike. They're found by the popular cycling trails and locations that played setting to major historical events. These lands have for millennia been a meeting place between nations and cultures. Traces of creation and conflict, culture and industrial development await off the beaten track, in the discovery of the unique landscape. Those who like to go on foot can embark on a journey to our top natural landmarks. The natural bridges Otlica Natural Window and Skozno, many other thrilling karst phenomena and curious water springs are some of the most appealing sites to see along the hiking trails, rewarding you with magnificent views. Of course, apart from the most remote ones, all the landmarks are accessible by bicycle or car as well. Still, our Paradise Valley is green in all aspects, so take a tip from our Green Guide and travel these lands on foot, by bike or electric vehicle whenever it's convenient.

Unique refreshments

Summers here can get pretty hot. Nights are then simply perfect for sleeping under the open sky, gazing at the stars – it's precisely why camping in the Vipava Valley is so popular. Despite the temperatures, refreshment is always within reach: the River Vipava with its lush banks is an oasis of freshness in the Vipava Valley. On the river you can paddleboard, go fishing, and enjoy the melodious singing of birds. The River Soča near Solkan offers kayaking and rafting, in addition to a choice of adrenaline experiences. Destined for relaxation in nature are the nearby Trnovo and Banjšice plateaus and Gora Plateau. Cycling or hiking through centenarian forests and karst meadows will lead you to the unusual frost hollows, whose temperature inversion keeps them nice and cool in the middle of sizzling summer. The season's heat can also be escaped by soaring into the sky. In the seat of your paraglider a few hundred metres above ground, the air is a soothing breeze, not to mention the once-in-a-lifetime views. Choose a tandem flight and experience summer from a different perspective, guided by an experienced pilot.

A traditional escape from summer heat in the Vipava Valley is a visit to the wine cellar. Below ground, embraced by stone walls and vaulted ceilings, the temperature stays equally pleasant nearly all year long. In the charming stillness, where the best wines of the land mature in great barrels, you can opt for a tasting with one of our Vipava Valley winemakers. Children, of course, will get their artisanal ice-cream, enjoying a younger and yet distinguished tradition here as well.

Tastings are simply a must

Not only in the wine cellars, heavenly flavours are found on the simple tables of the agritourism farms, in the relaxed ambiences of the local restaurants, and naturally with our famed haute cuisine chefs. Choose by inspiration or mood, resting assured that genuine flavours will be served, inspired by tradition and the natural rhythm of the seasons. The wealth of local produce and wild plants is a key culinary secret of the Paradise Valley. Wholesome local fruit and other produce can be purchased at the farms and local marketplaces. Did you know that in the Vipava Valley, you can enjoy ripe fruit straight from the tree seven months of the year? Late July and early August is the season of Vipava Valley peaches, as well the early grapes, a cherished treasure of the land.

Don't forget all these experiences, hot and cold alike, can be enjoyed carefree with our local guides, making sure the doors of the farms are always open, your rented bikes running smoothly, and your days filled with interesting local stories. See you in the Paradise Valley!