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September 2022

Extend your summer

An active autumn day can easily grow into a marvellous stay in heaven

There is still time. The sun is still shining strong enough. Time literally stops when you decide to take your shirt off during a bike ride or hike and the scenery adorns in shades of gold. The slopes above the Vipava Valley and the Goriška region attract plenty of visitors looking to take advantage of the clear blue skies. You can choose from a myriad of paths and trails waiting to be discovered among the vineyards slowly swaying to their autumn colours. The peace and quiet of the countryside and the exciting experiences, not to mention the delightful local treats just add to the region’s allure. The Paradise Valley of active tourism is real.

Choose your favourite outdoor activity

Maybe it is time to try something different. Among all the wine regions of this piece of Europe, the Vipava Valley offers the most diverse outdoor activities. And the cross-border area of Goriška, together with the River Soča and the Trnovo and Banjšice Plateau, boost the unique opportunities you can live here. Did the view of the scenic landscape, hills covered in vines, interesting towns, old castles and other sites trigger your need to explore them on a bicycle? No problem at all. You can rent the bicycle from one of our local providers and enjoy the numerous cycling paths of the Paradise Valley. Would you like to end your hike with something really unique? Just jump and fly! You can enjoy a tandem paragliding with our experienced guide from Lijak or Kovk, two of the most popular launch sites on the margins of the Trnovo Plateau. Even a day on a bike can finish with an adrenaline rush. Visit the Soča Fun Park or take a leap of faith from the magnificent Solkan Bridge. Those who love fishing, horse riding and climbing will find out how surprising the Vipava Valley and the Goriška region can truly be. Autumn may be too cold for some water sports, so let us extend our invitation for next summer, but you can experience all other activities literally all year long. The summer is not over yet for nature lovers ...

Browse through the Vipava Valley Outdoor Web App

Who does not enjoy planning the next journey and discovering hidden paths? But sometimes there is just not enough time to organise everything and you have to take the paved roads. The new Vipava Valley Outdoor Web App is the perfect guide for the most popular cycling routes and hiking trails throughout the Vipava Valley and the Goriška region, providing all the information about major sites along the way. It works online so you do not have to download it on your device. Vipava Valley Outdoor is a brand-new app which is being continuously updated with new routes and cool information. We suggest you check it out multiple times to see all the news or visit Vipava Valley‘s official site with all the useful information about the destination.

Be active and taste

Our Paradise Valley is known for its delightful gastronomy and excellent wines. It is the abundance of unique opportunities for tasting local delicacies that elevates your active day into a heavenly experience. Cycling lovers are already familiar with our Bike & Taste experiences which take you from one flavour to another. Not only on bikes, you can discover our local tastes after any activity or even when the weather inspires you to have a lazy day. Thanks to two restaurants with Micheline stars, even more restaurants recognised by the culinary guide Gault & Millau, numerous Vipava wines with international awards and the unmatched hospitality of the local farms, the Vipava Valley and the Goriška is considered the region with the best wine and cuisine in Slovenia. Dream of heavenly flavours: with this catch phrase we invite you to discover the real trademark of our destination – the secrets of the locally-produced and carefully prepared delicacies. Would you like to experience even more after a day-long activity in nature?

Do not forget that our local guides will provide you all the information about the most thrilling trails and breath-taking views, as well as advice which farms to visit. But we also have another, very special Green Guide. Visit our website and follow the guidelines for a responsible experience of the destination every step of the way. Welcome to the Paradise Valley!