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March 2017

Sunny spring hikes

They days are getting longer and the hills and peaks that rise above the valley are looking all the more tempting

We’ve had enough of winter! The Vipava Valley is already dressing up in gorgeous shades of lush green. Spring’s freshness makes it the perfect season for hiking into the hills. The diverse Vipava landscape is criss-crossed with countless trails, which seem like they were just made for spring hikes and unforgettable adventures.

The Otlica Natural Window (Otliško okno) was carved out by the Devil

Back when the devil was travelling these parts, he caught wind of the treasure that was hidden under Mt. Čaven. He hatched a plan and got down to work. What happened then? The legend of how this mysterious opening formed is written on the sign erected along the hiking trail to the Otlica Window. Time to hit the trail! The route up to the Otlica Window rewards hikers with a stunningly beautiful view through the rock window down to the Vipava Valley. Experts say that this is a natural bridge that formed in a large tectonic event, and it was hollowed out further as the stone was weathered and washed over the millennia. Locals, however, are sure that the devil had his hand in it.

Nanos and its famous radio antenna

The popular trail through the Vipava Valley leads from Razdrto up to Nanos, to the Vojkova koča lodge, and onto the summit of Pleša. It doesn’t matter from which side you come to Razdrto, since its famous antenna can be seen from everywhere, seemingly watching over and guarding the Nanos Plateau. When, after reaching the top and immediately looking for our phones to take a few stunning panoramic shots, we probably won’t even realize how the digital age has shaped our lives. A telling reminder of our progress will be right behind you: the mighty tower atop Nanos is a monument to analogue broadcasting technology and a part of a museum with a unique collection of technical heritage.

The Valley is even more beautiful from above

Go ahead and ask those who have already tried the joys of free flight. Hang-gliders and paragliders take over the skies above the Vipava Valley in early spring, and every year brings more of them. The Valley is even home to a number of competitions. In the last few days of March the Valley will host the 8th international Aeros Winter Race competition, which attracts a number of spectators along with the hang-gliders. Feel free to just enjoy watching the art of flight, or take to the skies yourself. Would you like an exciting flight in tandem? Or would you rather enjoy a more leisurely panoramic flight in a recreational aircraft?

Traditional group hikes

All year round, from the first days of January all the way through Christmas, the Vipava Valley is home to a whole range of organized hikes, where visitors will learn about local customs, hear a bit of lore and legend, and indulge in the warm hospitality the Valley’s residents provide. In March you are invited:

  • To Nanos along the Janko Premrl Vojko’s Trails on 5 March 2017 – a wintry hike from Podnanos to Nanos. Contact:, +386 (0)31 344 182,
  • Erzelj Hike Among the Hamlets and Natural Springs, 12 March 2017 This traditional, thematic hike weaves through the picturesque hamlet of Erzelj, past a number of natural springs. A bowl of Vipava’s famous jota stew awaits hikers at the finish line. Contact:, +386 (0)31 379 375, more at
  • Šalam Hike from Črniče on 2 April 2017 Another traditional, thematic hike, this time from Črniče to Tabor, up to Sv. Pavel, and back down to Črniče, is marked by the homemade salami that the hikers take with them and eat communally along the way. Contact:, +386 (0)40 848 205

Interesting athletic events in March:

  • Ajdovščina: AEROS WINTER RACE, the international hang-gliding competition, from 22 to 26 March 2017, with the official landing site at Log pri Vipavi
  • Solkan: ICF World Ranking Solkan 2017, 25 and 26 March 2017, a canoe slalom race at the Solkan Kayak Centre.