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May 2017

Authentic experiences

Explore the verdant valley’s vistas and remarkable flavours

Spring has sprung early this year. The lush valley invites you to discover its hidden corners and panoramic views. The authentic flavours of regional delicacies entice visitors every step of the way. Don’t miss out on new opportunities for an active time-out and culinary adventures. Soak up the beauties of the Vipava Valley and spend a day you won’t forget so fast.

Zest for life at Zemono

Sitting proudly on its own hillock, the baroque Zemono Manor House arguably features one of the most remarkable skylines in the region. The picturesque manor is famous for the fine dining offer in the restaurant Gostilna pri Lojzetu and its romantic setting which lends itself to the organization of fairy tale weddings. Every year in early May, Zemono is turned into a temple of exquisite flavours. It is the venue of the wine and food festival taking place under the name The Flavours of the Vipava Valley which happens to be the biggest display of authentic regional delicacies. The winemakers showcase their best wines and the chefs come up with dishes for one-of-a-kind wine and food combos. The two-day festival always appears to fly by too quickly, which is why it was expanded to the Month of Local Cuisine. A number of restaurants and inns from the Vipava Valley will offer a selected assortment of locally sourced dishes for the entire month of May. You really should not miss out on this delectable experience.

Uphill and beyond

The best way to enjoy the view of the lush valley and quaint vine-laced hills is from above. The sun-kissed edges of the Trnovo Forest Plateau and Nanos Plateau appeal to hikers, runners and mountain-bikers. Enjoying a well-deserved break after a particularly challenging ascent you are rewarded with spectacular views begging to be captured on camera … #vipavskadolina. Some people make the ascent faster than others; in late May, mountain runners gear up for a new challenge: The Ice Power Čaven Vertikal km 2017 counts for the Slovenian Mountain Running Championships. Then there are those people whose only limit is the sky. The opportunities to go paragliding and hang gliding increase as the days grow longer, and spectacular patterns embellish the blue skies over the Vipava Valley. Are you content just taking photos of this in-air spectacle or are you game for a tandem flight over the valley?

Hikers were the first to discover the endless hiking possibilities offered by the trails criss-crossing the Vipava Valley, its friendly climate and the culinary splendour along the paths – down in the valley or up on the plateaus and even some summits. One such trail that takes hikers on a different journey is the “Energy-Themed Hiking Trail” from the Lijak Creek to Sekulak Hill. The unique route combines the exploring of natural and cultural heritage with a brief lesson on the history and local features of this area. It weaves through places that crackle with a special type of energy. Well-marked throughout its entire length from Šmihel, Ozeljan, Šempas, Vitovlje to Osek, the trail hosts the organized hike from the Lijak Creek to Sekulak Hill every year in May. The hearty snacks are a particularly delightful feature of the trek.

Event highlights in May

  • Podnanos: Spring in Šembid, 5–7 May 2017. This traditional music event takes place in Podnanos (formerly called Šembid) and features a line-up of Oberkrainer music bands. The best bands get to play at the Vurberk Music Festival.
  • Šmarje: Between the Rolling Hills of Šmarje, 19–21 May 2017. Artwork exhibition, wine tastings, hike and village games. 
  • Orehovlje: Asparagus Festival, 19–21 May 2017. Annual food and entertainment event complete with a tasting of asparagus dishes and local wines.
  • Ajdovščina: Ajdovščina in May, 26–28 May 2017. Annual festivity integrating culinary demonstrations, sports activities, a children’s programme, a craft market and concerts.