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September 2017

From the vineyard to the wine cellar

Grape harvest season bestows a joyful bounty

The ripe berries of Vipava grapes are chock full of the very best that the Vipava Valley has to offer. The abundance of sunshine pampering the prodigal friendly hillscape, and the passion of the winemakers passed down through the generations for millennia culminate in the annual grape harvest. Wine-growers enlist their friends and acquaintances to help them pick grapes according to old customs, and the vineyard-laced hills come alive with authentic joy. Right now – just as the 2017 vintage flows into the wine cellars – would be the best time to visit the Vipava Valley. Take a bike or your hiking boots and pamper yourself with a one- or two-day autumn time-out. Come and experience more.

Inimitable Vipava grape harvest​

Touted as the region's wine capital, the town of Vipava has been holding the biggest grape picking celebration (locally known as the Vipavska trgatev or “Vipava Grape Harvest”) for fifty years in a row. Grape picking is a tough job; the grapes have to be picked at just the right time and processed in accordance with carefully controlled procedures. During harvest every ounce of energy is focused on the grapes and the creation of young wine. Vineyards and cellars are abuzz with joy at the sight of the beautiful bounty. The feeling of joy and anticipation of new wine have been the main reasons for organizing the big feast which draws throngs of visitors to the three-day fete in Vipava. The highlight of the harvest event is the annual Vipava wine queen pageant. In the year ahead, the Wine Queen's job is to present the local wines and promote their superiority. As part of the event, the traditional wine judging competition will be wrapped up with the Sunday certificate of excellence award ceremony to be held on the Vipava main square.

Exciting autumn hiking 

When the last grapes are cut from the vines, the Vipava Valley turns into an endless, colourful backdrop that looks like something right out of a painting. The leaves change colours; every grape variety has its own distinct patterns and each location on the hills around Vipava has its own pace in the process. The diverse Vipava Valley captivates visitors as soon they set foot in it; littered with tiny vineyards, fruit trees and ornamental trees, and the outline of mighty mountains looming in the distance. The myriad hiking trails beckon to be explored. Get to know these fascinating places and taste authentic delicacies on any of the agritourism farms. Farms tend to be crowded during grape harvest, so make sure to book your visit in advance. Here is a tip: A great experience is the Hike through the vineyards which takes one right to the heart of the wine extravaganza in Vipava. September events also feature a handful of attractive organized hikes. If you prefer higher grounds, browse through our hiking path suggestions. Details regarding the hiking paths are available in the information centres across the Vipava Valley.

Last minute bike trip

The Vipava Valley is intersected with charming country roads for enjoyable rides. Perhaps you didn't plan on going cycling and left your own bike at home. Maybe you had to travel a long way and a bike would have been quite an inconvenient piece of luggage Fret not! You can go cycling in the Vipava Valley whenever it strikes your fancy. Hop over to the nearest information centre and the lovely employees will gladly fill you in about the available bike rental options.

Taking pride in our achievements

The Vipava Valley is a creative community. Love is the foundation on which our towns were built and villages lovingly restored. The local products and achievements fill us with pride as they are the ambassadors of the Vipava Valley around the world. This September, visitors will have the opportunity to see what exactly the locals are proud of. As such, on 22 and 23 September Ajdovščina invites visitors to its first big presentation of industry and entrepreneurship at the event dubbed InCastra. Successful companies – many of them with an internationally high profile as a result of their innovations – will showcase their achievements. The town will also host the attractive Fly-in event. Don't miss it! Nova Gorica, the smallest town in the country, celebrates 70 years of its founding. The anniversary of the construction of Nova Gorica will be accompanied by a roster of events to celebrate the extraordinary creative energy bundled here which sparked the emergence of a modern town right on the border – a beacon of harmony between nations and cultures.

Event highlights in September

  • Ajdovščina: Primorska hranilnica, 1st Ajdovščina Triathlon, 16 September 2017. National team championship in super sprint triathlon, Triathlon for All (individuals or relay) and Cici Triathlon for Kids. 
  • Predmeja: Hiking Up and Down Dol, 23 September 2017. The route is set up over the Trnovo Plateau. Start in Tiha dolina pri Predmeji. It overlaps with the central part of the theme trail Up and Down Dol, and leads past fascinating cultural and natural landmarks. 
  • Cerje: Youth on Peace event and Peace Day in Cerje, 23 September 2017. Taking place right next to the monument in honour of the defenders of the Slovenian territory. The place is also the venue of the annual International Day of Peace celebration. On the same day the Youth for Peace event will be held.
  • Ajdovščina: Štrudlfest – intersection of theatre, dance, music and film, 29 September–1 October 2017. Usually taking place in various locations across town, this year's traditional festival puts the spotlight on children's shows.