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Sweet treasures of the lower Vipava Valley

Top highlights

  • meeting the local folks, their lifestyle and winegrowing tradition
  • touring a wine cellar with wine and food pampering
  • a brief walk into the past

Not to be missed

  • weekend getaway
  • welcome fruit basket
  • Museum of Alexandrian Women, the Rihemberk Castle, the village Tabor, Pedrovo or Gradišče nad Prvačino sites
  • wine tasting and a snack with optional live music
  • sporty or gourmet experience

The sweet treasures of the sun and the burja wind invite you to the pleasant Vipava Valley!

1st Day
We start off with a sweet welcome, the tasting of fruit and vegetable spreads and juices from Domače dobrote Metka (home delicacies). The last sunrays accompany us on a short walk among the orchards and vineyards, and a tour of the village Tabor. Accommodation in your rooms, followed by an evening tasting of wines and local foods.

2nd Day
After breakfast we can go for a cycling trip, or a kayak descent on the River Vipava, or a culinary workshop in the preparation of typical Vipava Valley dishes with chef Matjaž Šinigoj (head chef of the Perla Resort & Entertainment). From here we'll be visiting the Museum of Alexandrian Women in Prvačina, presenting the many stories, objects and photography of the girls and women of the Gorica region who travelled to Egypt for work. We'll be continuing with a visit of the picturesque little village Pedrovo, once famous for its chestnut orchards and the land's biggest barrel, or a visit of the memorial room of Jožef Tominc, noted Slovenian portrait painter of the 19th century. The friendly locals will gladly present you with the history of our celebrated nation-builder and famous poet Simon Gregorčič, who stayed in Gradišče above Prvačina writing stirring lyrical poetry. The day ends with the enjoyment of outstanding local wines.

3rd Day
Tour of the medieval Rihemberk Castle and a gourmet experience in a restaurant of your choice.

Additional optional program:
Vipava Winemaking Museum, Cerje, caverns and museum of the First World War in Sabotin, Štanjel
– tastings with the excellent winemakers of the Vipava Valley Winemaking Consortium: Primož Čotar, Gregor Baša, Tomaž Bizjak, Dean Čebron, Danilo Baša, Vina Dornberg, Zaloščan vina De Adami, Posestvo Berce, Tomaž Lisjak, Davorin Colja, Damir Zgonik, Matej Žabar, Jožko Tratnik, Danilo Vodopivec, Tadej Kavčič


  • price per person (in a 4-person group) starting from 370 €
  • price per person (up to 2 persons) starting from 390 €
  • price per person (groups of 4 to 8 (10) persons) starting from 360 €

The price includes:

  • short tasting of fruit spreads and juices from Domače dobrote Metka (from 7 € per person)
  • tour of the Museum of Alexandrian Women in Prvačina, the Rihemberk Castle (entrance fee for adults is 3 € per person), guided tour of the village Tabor (5 € per person), visit of Pedrovo or Gradišče nad Prvačino
  • 2x snack with a wine tasting
  • 1x gourmet experience in a restaurant of your choice (from 24 € per person)
  • cycling trip (from 95 € per person) or kayak trip (from 50 € per person) or Vipava Valley cooking workshop with chef Matjaž Šinigoj (from 25 € per person)
  • stroll among the orchards and vineyards
  • 2x bed & breakfast (from 30 € per person per night)
Additional options, charged extra:
  • Vipava Winemaking Museum (as part of the Vipava guided tour 70 €)
  • Cerje (adult entrance fee 4 €)
  • caverns and Museum of the First World War in Sabotin (caverns and museum adult entrance fee 5 €)
  • Štanjel (guided tour price of 7 € per adult)


Zavod Konzorcij vinarjev Vipavske doline 
Gregorčičeva ulica 13 
5294 Dornberk

M: +386 (0)41 281 252