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Over the Nanos Plateau to Podnanos

Get to know the birthplace of the Slovenian national anthem.

The karstic Nanos Plateau rises above the upper Vipava Valley, enchanting you with its tranquility, its mountain meadows and forests, and the stunning views you will get along its ridges. Treat yourself to an excursion in the great outdoors, interwoven with countless trails for hiking and mountain biking. For a more relaxed excursion there is always the option of taking a drive along the valley’s well-maintained, modern roads.

If you opt for a drive, instead, we suggest that you set off from Vipava to the nearby village of Vrhopolje and the church of St. Primus and Felician, where the Slovenian Jesuit friar Marko Ivan Rupnik, founder and artistic director of the famous Centro Aletti Atelier, completely renovated the interior in 2013 by completing a stunning mosaic measuring 180 m2. This impressive artwork absolutely deserves a look before driving ahead past the Cross of Theodosius, dedicated to the famous Roman battle waged across the village of Sanabor, home to a prehistoric fortress near the church of St. Daniel.

On the other side of the forest the trail continues onto the Nanos Plateau, which among other things is home to several rare species of flora and fauna. Wherever you stop along the way you will feel the peaceful calm provided under the canopies of the soaring trees. The paved road ends at the popular agritourism farm Abram, where you’ll turn off onto a gravel road and drive past the Vojkova koča mountain lodge. Perhaps you’ll want to stop once more and take in those spectacular vistas again. After you’ve had your fill, go back down into the valley where the regional road will take you to Podnanos. 

This beautiful village is the first you’ll come to when taking the regional road from Razdrto. Podnanos is a densely populated village with narrow streets in its old part, giving it a distinctly Mediterranean feel. Here you can explore the church of St. Vitus, whose Aquileian style bell tower is one of the most beautiful in Slovenia. The village and its surroundings also have interesting churches, fortresses, and stone bridges to explore. Priest and prolific Slovenian composer Stanko Premrl was born in Podnanos, later setting to music Prešeren’s Zdravljica (A Toast), the Slovenian national anthem.

You can also arrange for an interesting jaunt interspersed with wine tastings at one of the many wine cellars in Podnanos or the surrounding villages.

We recommend making arrangements to visit the wine cellars in advance.

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