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Hike, Fly & Wine with the Wajdušna team

Top highlights

  • hiking the slopes of the tableland of the Trnovo Forest, past natural landmarks to the popular free-flight take-off site
  • tandem paragliding: unique way of seeing the Vipava Valley, with views extending to the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea
  • visiting a wine cellar, tasting indigenous wines and authentic fare

Not to be missed

  • medium difficulty hike to an elevation of 800 m
  • appropriate hiking boots are required, water and a jacket if you’re going skydiving
  • Hike, Fly & Wine takes about 6 to 7 hours
  • Hike, Fly & Wine is available year round, weather permitting

Ajdovščina is a great starting point for Hike, Fly & Wine adventures! Dominating over the valley, the slopes of Trnovo Forest Plateau abound with hiking trails and exceptional natural beauty. One of the most popular trails leads past the Otlica Window which offers a unique perspective of the Vipava Valley – through a natural opening in the rock! In the vicinity of the village Kovk, right at the edge of the plateau, the hiking trails meet one of the most popular take-off points for free-flights in the country.

Your adventure starts in Ajdovščina. As you make your way up the picturesque mountain trails to the take-off site for a tandem flight over the valley, your experienced guide will point out the many natural features in the stunning backdrop. Up there, among the birds, the views are breathtaking, with the summits of the Julian Alps and the coastline of the Adriatic Sea seemingly within reach. You can touch down almost directly in front of the wine cellar to wrap up your adrenaline filled adventure with a nice meal of traditional wines and local cuisine.


  • 2 persons: 210 € / person
  • 4 persons: 185 € / person
  • 6 persons: 175 € / person
  • 8 persons: 165 € / person


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