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In the Vipava Valley, tradition is cherished, and locals are adamant to preserve their customs and carry forward a precious part of the culture of their forbearers. Over the last decades, several nearly forgotten customs were brought back to life through village events, themed hikes, cultural events and gatherings, all designed to preserve the precious legacy and enrich the quality of life in the Vipava Valley.

Experience more. Visit any of the local events taking place in the Vipava Valley and see for yourself that Vipava truly is different in more ways than one. You can get more information about the events in any of the tourist information centres. Additionally, your local hosts will be more than happy to point out the most worthwhile events.

This site features links to websites with information about current local events in the Vipava Valley. The information is provided only in Slovenian, but our friendly locals will be glad to help you make the right event choice.

The events of the municipalities of Nova Gorica, Ajdovščina, Renče-Vogrsko, Miren-Kostanjevica, Šempeter-Vrtojba and Vipava are collected at: