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The Heart of Europe

The Vipava Valley lies in a unique spot on the western edge of Slovenia, a stone’s throw from the Italian border, half an hour from the Gulf of Trieste and less than an hour to the Julian Alps, placing it quite truly in the heart of one of Europe’s most picturesque regions. Diverse worlds, ways of life, cultures, climates, and geological formations intersect in the Vipava Valley, and the mixture is greater than the sum of its parts.

A modern and efficient highway system connects the Vipava Valley to the rest of Slovenia, as well as the coast, Italy, the Soča Valley, and other regional roads.

This also puts it close to nearby air traffic hubs, with 5 international airports within a 160-km radius, and the closest is less than an hour away.

Nearest airports

Trieste 45 km
Ljubljana 100 km
Venice 150 km
Treviso 150 km
Klagenfurt 165 km
Zagreb 220 km

Nearby world-renowned attractions

Postojna cave 35 km
Škocjan cave 36 km
Venice 160 km