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Vinska klet Miška


Records on the winemaking ways of the Miška family go back to 1861. High-altitude sites on steep marl terraces demand lots of manual labour, and so a great deal of energy goes into the production of healthful grapes. Affection, experience and dedication of the whole family to wine reflect in the sublime content of each bottle, especially their cherished Zelen, Pinela, Ribolla, Malvasia and Barbera. Each wine excites with its distinct character – from youthfully fresh to elegantly mature – without major interventions in the cellar. Tastings on prior appointment receive up to 50 guests. The bottled wines offered are Pinela, Zelen, Ribolla, Malvasia, Barbera, and Yellow Muscat, while bulk wine includes Ribolla and Malvasia, as well as Barbera and Merlot.

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