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Posestvo Rouna


Rouna Estate, found about 1 km from the village Slap, is embraced on all sides by lush nature. The family dedicates 10 hectares of land to the vine, which thrives wonderfully on the local marl soil. The estate is known especially for their fresh wines and their Muscat sparkling wine. In total, 12 varieties are available for tasting in the Rouna cellar, furnished in the traditional old Vipava Valley style. They also produce their own vine grafts to provide top quality saplings for their vineyards.

Not to be missed:

  • members of the Society of Family Winegrowers-Winemakers of Slovenia
  • members of the Zelen Consortium
  • vineyards also grow 9 varieties of delicious table grapes
  • tastings for up to 10 guests
  • Rouna Estate is reached by way of a scenic countryside road, great for walks or recreational cycling
  • wheelchair access

Guest impressions: hospitality, peace, quiet, beautiful nature


Monday–Saturday: 13.00–19.00
Sunday: closed
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