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Jamšek 1887


The Jamšek wine farm is located in the village of Manče in the upper part of the Vipava Valley. For several generations, the farm has been a hub of viticulture and wine production. The owners are especially proud of the barrel from 1887 which is still used today. The estate operates six hectares of vineyards. Grapes of various varieties are made into bulk wines and bottled wines. Their focus lies on two lines of wine: fresh, drinkable wines with a pronounced varietal bouquet, and wines aged on lees for at least 7 months in 225-litre barrels. The wines have received several awards from national and international wine events.

Not to be missed:

  • Jamšek wines have been recognized on the domestic market for years and have been making inroads abroad
  • tastings for up to 30 people


Monday–Friday: 16.00–18.00
Saturday: 14.00–17.00
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