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Vina Cejsar – Lucija & Igor


The first vines around Kromberk Castle were planted in the late 1970s by nono Cesar. In 2015, his granddaughter Lucija and her husband Igor renewed the vineyard and steered the farm on a new course. The young micro wine estate is special in that the grapes are still pressed with the old-school wooden press. The terraced vineyard surrounded by forest produces excellent grapes which are processed into high-quality wines with protected designation of origin. Once they mature, wines are bottled without filtration.

Wine tastings feature delectable local snacks. Upon prior arrangement, you can attend a guided tasting, a tour of the vineyard and be escorted to the scenic Kromberk Castle with an amazing view of the Vipava Valley.

Not to be missed:

  • traditional grape pressing with a wooden press
  • bottled wines Beli Valentin cuvee, Črni Valentin cuvee, and bulk wines for sale
  • availability of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit
  • Highlights: Kromberk Castle, Škabrijel

Vina Cejsar – Lucija & Igor

Vinka Vodopivca 35, Kromberk, 5000 Nova Gorica
m: +386 (0)41 383 034


upon prior reservation
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