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Turistična kmetija Arkade

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Ran by the Cigojs family, the Arkade agritourism farm boasts a long history. Its excellent offering makes for one of the most attractive agritourism providers in the country. Set in the village of Črniče amidst the Vipava Valley, the farm indulges its guests with great food and top-quality wines. They serve authentic local fare, including old nearly forgotten dishes, prepared from exclusively home-grown seasonal ingredients and herbs. The farm is touted for its delectable cured meats, with pork from the Mangalitsa pigs that roam the farm being a special treat. The farm also offers a nice selection of vegetarian options. Great food is paired with excellent home-made wines, with Klarnica and Zelèn – the old native varieties – standing out. The Cigoj’s have managed to create a foodie paradise on their Črniče farm.


  • the farm offers accommodation
  • home-made cured meats and wine to take home
  • accessible friendly dining area

Accommodation category: 3 apples.

Turistična kmetija Arkade

Črniče 91, 5262 Črniče
t: +386 (0)5 366 60 09
m: +386 (0)41 614 708


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