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Slovenia’s Garden

For centuries, the Vipava Valley was hailed as the garden of the land, supplying produce to large coastal towns and towns further inland. The tradition of growing premium vegetable produce survived, although the volume has gotten smaller. From the first days of spring when young lettuce sprouts, Vipava Valley never runs out of leafy vegetables. Even in cold winter days, farmers venture onto their fields to pick radicchio. In the town of Solkan and its surrounding, they still hold on to the old-school techniques of growing their own Solkan radicchio. Withstanding even the harshest winters, this leafy vegetable is a curiosity and a tangy gourmet delicacy.

A wide range of vegetables thrive in the Vipava Valley, which are made into delectable home-made dishes. Veggies are a staple of every meal, seeing as they are ubiquitous. The tradition of having varied menus has survived until today. “Garden fresh” has always been the motto of the local gastronomy, helping it preserve its old customs and traditional dishes.