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Meat Products

The Pride and Joy of Local Farms

Naturally cured meats are one of the main culinary delicacies, and a distinct feature of the Vipava Valley. The local Burja wind makes sure that the air is dry enough which creates perfect conditions for curing meats. Locally sourced meat is later manufactured into exquisite cured meat products according to traditional recipes. The Vipava Valley is noted for its prosciutto, pancetta, cured neck meat (zašink) and various salamis and sausages. As per tradition, they are served with oven fresh white bread and a glass of wine. They are a must at each home celebration. In modern cuisine they are served as delectable appetizers. Cured meats are used in the local cuisine to add some pizzazz to dishes such as the jota stew, frittata (frtalja) and polenta.