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Laid-Back, Local, Unique

For everyone enthralled by the landscape, captivated by the culinary cornucopia and energized by outdoor activities – we have the right keepsake for you to take home.

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For Foodies Favouring Foreign Flavours

As a foodie who knows how to enjoy yourself at the table, you are bound to be thrilled by the local specialties: wine, fruit, rustic dishes, prosciutto, fresh bread etc. For you, we have designed souvenirs with a twist.

Postcards for Pleasure-Seekers

The pleasure is in the details. Every postcard designed by David Ličen who runs the Lična hiša Gallery in Ajdovščina is a story about relishing the most typical treats of the Vipava Valley.

Cute Fridge Magnets with a Local Flair

Your fridge – the temple of flavours – can be the place to remind you of the pleasures of the Vipava Valley. The illustrations on the magnets (i.e. a glass of Vipava wine, a grape cluster of the Zelen variety, early cherries and Prosciutto from Vipava) are the brainchild of David Ličen from the Lična hiša Gallery in Ajdovščina. Together with the postcards for pleasure-seekers, the magnets make a lovely set.

Aprons for Kids and Adult Cooks

To inspire little cooks on their earliest path of making culinary masterpieces, the lovely and colourful aprons are made from high-quality material, and come together with a booklet of easy recipes provided by top chefs from the Vipava Valley.

For adults, there is a more professional looking black sommelier apron with an embroidered Vipava Valley logo available.

Tea for Friends

The herbs used for our Tea for Friends are carefully picked in the mountains and left to air dry in the pristine air. Created with love they are as unadulterated as the Vipava Valley.


Open a bottle of exquisite wine – unique just like the Vipava Valley – with this perfect gadget: a high-end corkscrew by Pulltex.

For the Outdoor Enthusiasts

Hundreds of cycling and hiking paths, take-off sites, climbing walls, fishing sites, and numerous other sports activities including horse riding are the reason why the Vipava Valley is considered to be a paradise for the outdoorsy types and even adrenaline junkies. This T-shirt makes a great gift for hardcore athletes.


When the wind picks up … The burja wind is a famous phenomenon of the Vipava Valley. It has a distinctly split personality: see its wild side when it reaches enormous speeds, and enjoy its friendly side when it is only strong enough to clear the air in the valley and scatter the clouds. Adrenaline junkies crave to experience its ferocious temper at least once. A T-shirt is the perfect way to remember this wind-swept encounter.

Traditional Postcards

The Vipava Valley amazes tourists with its beauty: the lush and year-round green landscape, countless villages, churches, castles and mansions, springs and rivers, bridges, karst features – it's almost impossible to keep up! A picture is worth a thousand words – a postcard with your own message is the best invitation to this extraordinary place.

Monograph "Vipavska"

It seems that the extraordinary splendour of the Vipava Valley cannot be summed up with a single story and condensed into a single concept to represent the whole truth. If, however, this is any way possible, then the extraordinary monograph entitled Vipavska – barve, vonji, okusi (colours, scents, flavours) undoubtedly comes closest to presenting the true character of this multi-faceted region. The best possible tribute to the Vipava Valley, this book is a truly memorable keepsake and a valuable present.

On 352 pages, the monograph features over 700 outstanding photographs and an exhaustive presentation of winemakers, inns, recipes and other wining and dining treasures of the Vipava Valley. The book will draw readers in with its carefully curated content and sophisticated design. All photos are credited to Marijan Močivnik. It is safe to say that this volume is among the most visually appealing wine-country books around.