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Savouring Flavours and Sunshine

The Vipava Valley (or the Garden of Eden as some call it) is spoilt by sunshine which is responsible for the lush vineyards and fruit fresh of the tree seven months out of the year.

Winemakers are passionate about their crop. A lot of effort is put into cultivating the wine and also choosing the perfect packaging. Many farms prepare delectable and neatly packaged products from fruit, vegetables and other foods, which are unique gifts of the sun. The air dried meats are truly remarkable. Beekeepers produce outstanding honey amidst unspoilt nature, and dairy farms are renowned for exquisite rustic cheeses. The local delicacies of Vipava have a distinct character and inimitable taste.

The same passion goes into making arts and crafts products. The valley's uniqueness also keeps inspiring artists.

You won't find that many stalls in this authentic setting; instead, your best bet is to look for small local shops. You will be spoilt for choice between the carefully put together selection of products made in the Vipava Valley.