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The Soča River

The Soča is arguably one of the most visually striking rivers in Europe. Its stunning colour gave rise to its moniker, the Emerald River. It truly is a paradise for water sports fans, especially kayakers, for fishermen and photographers, and anyone seeking to relax in the great outdoors.

The headwater of the Soča River is located in Trenta, in the very heart of the Julian Alps. The river discharges into the Adriatic Sea in the Gulf of Trieste in a wide delta. Over its entire length of 137 km, it remains a torrential river, forced to squeeze into narrow ravines and gorges here and there, creating numerous lagoons and embankments in its delta.

In Solkan, its left bank is easily accessible and well-manicured for a refreshing respite in the summer. Great caution is advised for anyone wanting to take a dip in the river to cool off. It is safest to do so accompanied by a guide. There is a kayak course a little further on, where rapids allow training in various difficulty levels. It’s also where some of the high-ranking competitions take place. On the opposite bank, nestled under a thick canopy, is the Soča Fun Park. Located next to the captivating Solkan Bridge, is a popular eatery with a tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court and beach volley court. On the bridge itself, which leads towards the hill country of Goriška Brda, the varied offering of activities is complemented by the thrill of bungee jumping.