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Karst Peculiarities

In places where rocks from different geological worlds meet and high plateaus come into contact with the plains of the Vipava Valley, very peculiar springs have emerged. Another fascinating water feature, besides the Vipava and Hubelj springs, is the occasional spring of the Lijak Creek which is dry most of the year, but surprises with a massive discharge after downpours. Uphill from the Lijak spring is the famous take-off site for paragliders and hang gliders.

Separating the Nanos Plateau and Trnovo Forest Plateau, the Bela Gorge is the real belle of this area, and the torrential Bela Creek has created amazing pools further upstream. The high walls over the picturesque creek are a popular climbing site today.

Occasionally, you will stumble on a water spring in places where you’d least expect it. Take the Erzelj spring for instance which blends together with the numerous small, enduring and therefore precious springs up in the hills over the valley. An interesting hiking trail was set up past the springs.

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