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Living Stories of the Past

The primordial sea that had once filled this valley left behind numerous fossils, with geological shifts creating unique natural sights. Water and its many sources serve as an inspiring reminder of nature's eternal ebb and flow.

Among the remnants of old Roman fortifications stories of ancient battles still echo, while the medieval castles, manors and churches display thousands of images from centuries past, a legacy of countless artists, a treasure trove of tales about the valley and its people.

Step closer and get to know them.

Heavens for the Curious

When cherished Slovene poet and writer Ciril Zlobec was asked to describe the Vipava Valley in brief, he dubbed it the "little Slovene Eden". What inspired the artist to think of paradise? Perhaps all it took was a glance since the valley's nature is so diverse and picturesque it simply calls for exploration. How many peoples crossed this open land, how many settled here for the fertile soil and the plentiful springs? On every step, you will encounter remnants of past cultures; castles, manors, churches, monuments, traces of industrial and cultural shifts, an aroma of traditional custom in a place of hospitality. If curiosity is your trait, the Vipava Valley offers a paradise of stories, enticing and unusual like no place else.