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A Paradise for Anglers

Anglers setting foot on the banks of any body of water in the Vipava Valley are sure to be spellbound. The crystal clear rivers and picturesque waterfronts are attractive, providing ample opportunity for anglers to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The fish-holding pools of the Vipava and Hubelj River and the depths of the Vogršček Lake are where the real treasures lie. This is the home to a number of fascinating fish species. Anglers can decide to take the caught fish home or return them into the water. In general though, Slovenian fishing authorities advocate that the fish are released back to the water to conserve the extraordinary fish wealth of our national rivers.

Fish in the Vipava Valley

The Vipava River, which empties into the Soča River after about 50 kilometres, belongs to the Adriatic Sea drainage basin. The Vipava River’s upstream area and the Hubelj River are mostly populated with salmonids: the famous marble trout (Salmo marmoratus), rainbow trout, brown trout (Salmo trutta fario), grayling and hybrids between the marble trout and the brown trout. The midstream area accommodates salmonids and cyprinids, whereas the downstream area of the Vipava River houses mostly cyprinids: the ever-popular catfish, Italian barbel, carp, Adriatic chub, common nase, pike, tench, eel and other fish species. The downstream area of the Soča River is well known for the marble trout and other salmonids, and nicely rounds up the fish wealth of the Vipava Valley.

Angling Methods

The great majority of anglers flocking to Vipava Valley prefer fly fishing. This ancient angling method is used mostly to catch trout and other salmonids. Making an artificial fly holds a special appeal for the patient sportsman. The fishing regulations in the Vipava Valley also allow float fishing, spin fishing and bottom fishing.

Fishing Permits

The angling districts in the Vipava Valley are managed by three angling clubs: Ajdovščina Angling Club, Renče Angling Club and the Soča Angling Club.
Fishing permits can be acquired online or at authorised points of sale.


Ajdovščina Angling Club  

Angling districts: Vipava River – upstream, Hubelj River, Dobravska Krnica pond


Renče Angling Club

Angling districts: Vipava River – downstream, Vogršček Reservoir Lake


Soča Angling Club

Angling districts: Soča River – from the mouth of Vogršček Creek to the Italian border