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Urška’s Trail

Urška’s Trail is a themed loop trail, running from Grgar to Mt Sveta Gora. It is dedicated to Urška Ferligoj, a young shepherdess from Grgar, who was visited by the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus one June Saturday in 1539, while she was tending sheep. Before long, a church was built and expanded over the centuries, as it grew into a popular pilgrimage site.

Start: St Martin's Church in Grgar

The trail features eight stops, and describes Urška’s story as well as the history of the area and its peculiarities. From the church, the trail leads to the western part of the village, to Urška's birthplace, today marked by a chapel shrine. Just outside the village, a wide gravel path leads up to Preški Vrh, continuing to the basilica on Mt Sveta Gora. Located at 682 meters, the basilica sits at the highest point of the trail and affords magnificent views from the Adriatic Sea to the Julian Alps. The pilgrimage site features the Marian Museum where one room is dedicated to the humble visionary Urška. The trail continues behind the basilica and reaches the statue of Francis of Assisi after a few minutes. Here, one can take in the most beautiful view of Grgar. Next, the path descends steeply to Grgar down a path referred to as “the Middle” by the locals. For centuries, this has been the shortest way to Mt Sveta Gora. Urška's Trail ends at her grave next to the church in Grgar.


Difficulty: medium
Length: 7,9 km
Duration: 2 h
Ascent: 380 m
Descent: 380 m