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Trail to Sveta Gora along the WW1 trenches and caverns

The hike to Skalnica Hill above Solkan, most commonly known as Sveta Gora, is unique because the trail partly runs through the tunnels and trenches made by soldiers as part of the infamous Isonzo Front in WW1. A combination of natural features, traces of a harrowing war and a pilgrimage tradition imbue this route with a distinct character.

Starting point: car park at the Gostilna Panorama.

The trail begins at the car park at the »Gostilna Panorama« Inn. Go along the asphalt road in the direction towards Sveta Gora. At the first pilgrim's cross, between the mountain pass Prevala and Sveta Gora, i.e. after approximately 200 m, turn left onto the forest path and then after 60 m immediately right. The path runs at first through an underground passage and then rises left onto a spherical slope. In the defensive trench, that comes close to the road which leads to the Sveta Gora Sanctuary, the path gets narrower and winds itself beneath the road up to the second last road fork. Here you step into the 260-metre long underground passage, beneath Mt. Sveta Gora. A little bit of crawling and then, aided by some safety ropes, you rise towards the exit on the north-slope of Mt. Skalnica which is situated at the height of 545 metres. In the direction towards east, passing some former military facilities, ascend the east side of the Skalnica mountain crest, which offers a scenic view of Mt. Škabrijel and the Trnovo and Banjšice Plateau. You have to cover another 700 metre distance to reach the mountain top with the pilgrimage church of Sveta Gora. You may descend the stair-like rocky path once used by the pilgrims to the Sanctuary of Sveta Gora back to the starting point.

Recommended equipment: torch.


Difficulty: medium
Length: 7,8 km
Duration: 2 h
Lowest point asl.: 307 m
Highest point asl.: 696 m