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Trail to Mt Poldanovec

A peculiarly shaped hill on the Trnovo Plateau, the north-eastern face of Mt Poldanovec is covered with fir and beech trees, whereas its rocky north-western part plummets into the Trebuščica Valley.

Start: Lokve, car park in the middle of the village

Lokve, where the trail starts, is a popular site for day-trippers year-round. Set in the very heart of the Trnovo Forest, the village itself offers plenty opportunities for active leisure.

The start of the trail is in Lokve, in the car park in the village centre. From there, it runs over an asphalt road towards Lazne. At the second crossroads of the asphalt and gravel path, turn right onto the forest gravel trail. The trail climbs to the pass just under Mt Mojski Vrh (1313 m). From here you can catch the first glimpse of the tree-covered ridge of Mt Poldanovec and its rocky north-western face falling precipitously into the Trebuščica Valley. Its distinctive outline is an eye-catcher. After a slight descent, there is a crossroads. Taking the left trail, you will reach the fork in the road that marks the start of the path to Mt Poldanovec. The summit of Mt Poldanovec (1299 m) treats us with amazing views in fine weather. Watch your step, as the hill’s precipitous northern face is the most treacherous in the Trnovo Forest. It’s advisable to wear hiking footwear. Departing the summit, retrace your steps to get back to the start. One can extend the outing by circling the village of Mojska Draga on the forest path.


Difficulty: easy
Length: 10,7 km
Duration: 3 h 30 min
Ascent: 325 m
Descent: 325 m
Lowest point asl.: 974 m
Highest point asl.: 1299 m