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Panovec Forest Nature Trail

You can choose between a shorter or longer version of the trail, with the shorter also being suitable for persons with reduced mobility.

Starting point: parking lot by the Forestry House, Vipavska Cesta 57, 5000 Nova Gorica

The trail is equipped with a large information board and 35 information points, 20 of which are located on the shorter version. Along the way you will learn about the many species of trees that are part of the Panovec Forest, situated in the immediate vicinity of Nova Gorica. Its total area is 350 hectares. From a botanical point of view, it is captivating for its large number of tree species (around 100), including non-native ones that have been systematically introduced into the forest in the past. The symbol of the forest trail is the European holly, which has been protected in Slovenia since 1922. This shrub is recognised by its bright red fruits and spiny, serrated dark green leaves. The fauna of Panovec is likewise quite varied. Birds are predominantly represented by songbirds. Amphibians are also important here, notably the Lataste's frog (Rana latastei) protected due to its endangered status. On your walk along the nature trail you will also learn about the geology of the underlying Eocene flysch, consisting of layers of marl, crystalline clay and sandstones. A bridge over the marshland terrain is a particular attraction, while the trail also features a picnic area and a large resting place.


Difficulty: easy
Length: 1 km (shorter) / 1.8 km (longer)
Duration: 1–2 h
Lowest point asl.: 90 m
Highest point asl.: 140 m