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Climbing routes

Endless Opportunities for Climbing

The Vipava Valley is home to nearly 400 different climbing routes at difficulty levels up to 8c+. There are also some Alpine routes up to 350 m high, and at difficulties from III to VII- according to the UIAA grading system.

Gradiška Tura and Vipavska Bela are the most popular climbing sites. Climbers have already marked more than 280 routes into the walls of Nanos above Vipava, and they are constantly discovering more. The Vipavska Bela climbing site is in the gorge of the Bela River, right near the road from Vrhopolje to Sanabor. In addition to the main wall there are also climbing areas throughout the gorge of the Bela, which is nice and refreshing in the summer months.

The faces of Gradiška Tura and Podraška Tura have the best-known Alpine routes, which are great for climbing even in the middle of winter.

Sport Climbing

Vipava284 routesdifficulty: 2 do 7c+
Vipavska Bela127 routesdifficulty: 2 do 8c/c+
Vitovlje routesdifficulty: 5b do 7a+
Lijak39 routesdifficulty: 4b do 8b

Alpine Routes

Podraška Tura, jugozahodna stena30 routesdifficulty: 3 do 6b (III do VII-)
Gradiška Tura, jugozahodna stena 29 routesdifficulty: 3 do 7a (III do VI+)
Kovk, jugozahodna stena 21 routesdifficulty: 3 do 6b (III do VII-)
Čaven (Mala gora), južna stena 3 routesdifficulty: 5a do 5c (V- do V+)
Lijak, južna stena 1 routesdifficulty: 4a (IV-)