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Recreational flying

High above the Valley

Why would you limit yourself to VR when taking in the majestic views of the valley floor? There’s no virtual journey on earth that can match the feeling you get when soaring through the sky in a sport aircraft. The Vipava Valley has a rich history of flight, as the world-renowned, cutting-edge manufacturer of ultra-light aircraft Pipistrel calls the valley its home. Take the opportunity and treat yourself to a panoramic flight, experiencing the beauty of Slovenia from just the right height.

Ajdovščina Sport Airport

The popular airport in Ajdovščina, managed by the Aeroklub Josip Križaj, is devoted to sport and private flying. Its runways are open to both propeller and gliding aircraft, ultra-light aircraft, motorized hang-gliders, balloons, helicopters, paragliders, and model aircraft aficionados. Save for days when the Burja wind is blowing hard, the airport is open year-round. You must report intent to land with a personal aircraft 24 hours in advance. The airport also has fuel for motorized aircraft.

Aeroklub Josip Križaj Ajdovščina