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Abundance of heavenly flavours

Millenia of winemaking history, traditional home dishes

You simply should not miss the exciting flavours of the Vipava Valley. Traditional yet different, exquisite yet homespun. You will be pampered year-round, with every day different from the next and in step with the changing seasons and ancient tradition. Vipava Valley is home to deliciously exciting flavours that will keep you coming back.

Region of unique and exquisite wines

The Vipava Valley was practically created for winegrowing. Its wines will have wine lovers’ hearts skip a beat. First, because of their incredible diversity that also includes ancient indigenous varieties. Of all the wine regions in Slovenia, it’s the Vipava Valley that managed to hold on to varieties that were falling out of favour elsewhere. This includes the native Zelèn, a unique white wine with a distinctive aroma and flavour. Wine lovers will also be in awe of the exquisite quality of our wines. Vipava Valley winemakers successfully blend traditional wine techniques with contemporary winemaking and vinification approaches, with natural wines steadily gaining traction. The winemakers will be delighted to open their cellar doors to show you in and unfold their captivating stories.

Food pampering sessions

The cornucopia of local ingredients and a rich culinary heritage rank the Vipava Valley at the top of Slovenia’s culinary offering. Most recently, high-profile culinary guides have recognized this as well. The latest Michelin culinary guide for Slovenia awarded two local restaurants with a Michelin star, and two others a Michelin plate. The Gault&Millau culinary guide also judged that Slovenia’s top restaurant is in the Vipava Valley. Excellent cuisine can be found both in fine dining establishments and other less refined eateries. The numerous restaurants and inns as well as agritourism farms will thrill you with the offering of authentic homemade dishes from locally sourced, in-season ingredients. Don’t miss out on the local specialties such as the Vipava Valley prosciutto and the local “jota” stew made from fermented turnips (“repa tropinka”), scrumptious local fruit, which is available fresh seven months out of the year, and vegetables which are an integral part of every plate year round.