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5 culinary-wine reasons to visit the Vipava Valley

Look ahead and imagine, the time of adventure is near

The Vipava Valley will be ready when you need open space, peace and hospitality. We're expecting you with our unique qualities and genuine flavours. To help make up your mind, here are five of the most convincing wine & food reasons to visit our paradise valley.

1. Locally sourced ingredients

The Vipava Valley has long been known for its abundance and diversity of produce. Here, you'll find the season's first cherries and delicious fruit, premium asparagus and garden-fresh vegetables … Most of the foods used in the local dishes are grown on the spot, in wholesome and natural ways.

2. Extraordinary wines

The reputation of outstanding Vipava Valley wines is certainly no flash in the pan. Centuries of tradition, small cellars and focus on premium quality are a winning combination that has propelled the boutique wines of the Vipava Valley to the global peak. Don't overlook the old indigenous varieties, found here and nowhere else in the world.

3. Local and haute cuisine

Expect only the best in the Vipava Valley, where distinguished chefs offer the exploration of premium cuisine, the restaurants feature a selection of choice local dishes, and the agritourism farms a wealth of natural home foods. Every season, new experiences are on the plate.

4. Culinary specialties

Not just genuine, in the Vipava Valley many things are special, too. Gourmet pampering begins with a slice of dried Vipava Valley prosciutto, whereas traditional vegetable soups start the course for characteristic Vipava Valley dishes. Most famous among these is the jota stew, offered throughout the year despite its seasonal character.

5. Vipava Valley hospitality

You'll be greeted with a smile here, naturally, and widely open arms. The valley's winemakers will personally introduce you to their outstanding wines; our tastings are in a class of their own. In the restaurants, too, expect a highly personal friendly approach. More unforgettable experiences come in the form of wine and culinary guided tours with the local guides.