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Cycling heaven

Choose your own way

Cycling in the Vipava Valley is possible year-round. Literally. Endless opportunities for cycling are possible in every season of the year and each adds its unique charm. Year round you can pick from the multitude of routes of various difficulties, local stories that will give colour to your cycling trip, and enjoy in the abundance of wine of food pampering options which are a must if you’re staying in the Vipava Valley.

Across the valley and along Vipava River

Laid-back cycling excursions that are also suitable for families feature fascinating pit stops. The ancient town of Vipava with the delta-shaped river spring, Ajdovščina with its extraordinary Roman legacy, the medieval town of Vipavski Križ with a castle and monastery, Nova Gorica with its parks, roses and cultural monuments …

Winegrowing hills around Vipava

The scenic hills are perfect for seasoned cyclists, and e-bikes will make them accessible to anyone. The pit stops in the ancient villages of typical stone buildings are held in friendly agritourism farms and wine cellars where you’ll be treated to delicious traditional snacks and drinks. Choose a top adventure offered by your local guide and discover the hidden corners of the Vipava Valley hills.

Steep slopes and high plateaus

Uniquely different adventures in the Vipava Valley are designed to also cater to mountain bikers. Mt Nanos, the Trnovo Plateau, the Banjšice Plateau and the slopes overlooking the valley are almost like a natural sports course that also features spectacular mountain bike trails. Seasoned local guides are familiar with the best routes and will happily arrange transfers to the starting location of your cycling tour. There is an abundance of ascents and descents on these slopes that have already seen two stages of the famous Giro d’Italia and several editions of the Tour of Slovenia in the past – what a treat for hardcore road cyclists.

Hit the pedals and experience unforgettable sights and the unique charm of the Vipava Valley.