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Bike & Taste: twice the pleasure in the Paradise Valley

After a scenic bike ride it’s time to reward yourself with local flavours

What’s your jam? Do you prefer a day of cycling or do you prefer unique local flavours in between rides or when you’re done for the day? The fact is that when you’re in a place where both is possible, that’s not even an issue. It’s not a coincidence that Vipava Valley and the Goriška Region are considered a cyclist’s paradise. The serene setting and oh-so-perfect landscape, the myriad cycling paths and a cycling season spanning the whole year, cater to cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Unique dishes and local hospitality turn a day of outdoor pursuits into the ultimate heavenly experience.

Scenic and varied cycling routes

Accept the invitation: take a road bicycle or gravel bicycle, a mountain bike or the convenient e-bike to tackle the challenges of our Paradise Valley. However, there’s so much more to his place than just athletic challenges. In 2018, Lonely Planet ranked Vipava Valley among the top 10 most attractive destinations in Europe, saying that the best way to explore this area is by bike. Discovering the valley and the primal nature along the Vipava River, exploring ancient villages peppering the winegrowing hillsides, and enjoying the trails that cross the high plateaus with amazing vistas is at least as rewarding as cycling itself. The varied trails across the Paradise Valley deliver what they promise and more. And they do so literally year-round; save for the highest plateaus in this area, you can go cycling even in winter! Go out and enjoy!

Cycling from flavour to flavour

When it’s time to take a breather or when you finally reach your daily destination, Vipava Valley shows off its other charms and that it’s truly a Paradise. Boasting exquisite and very special wines, this region is equally famous for its superb culinary offer which is bound to captivate you with its authenticity. While cycling, watch the small vineyards and fruit trees scattered across the landscape pass by, the vegetable patches next to the houses, and fields of different crops. Vipava Valley and the border region of Goriška make up a unique garden that grows most of the ingredients that will later land on your plate. The menus are inspired by ancient customs and match the seasons, so it’s a good idea to revisit Vipava Valley in order to fully taste its variety.

Some staples such as the Vipava Valley prosciutto, the delectable jota stew, walnut štruklji, frittata and polenta with various toppings are available year-round. For many people the local wines are quite the discovery, especially the old native varieties. Top notch wine tastings with local winemakers are typically accompanied with local snacks. It’s best to plan your cycling trip or tour so you can incorporate local inns and agritourism farms. Indulge your taste buds in fine dining establishments, even such with Michelin stars. Be mindful when it comes to planning your wine tastings: book them for after you’ve finished your tour and make sure to arrange a means of transport to get you back to your lodgings after you leave the wine cellar.

Now, hop on your bike. Hit the pedals, taste and savour all the flavours!