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July 2024

In Any Weather. All year round!

Activities. Stories. Pamperings.

Like it or not, weather always comes up when travelling, especially when travel plans include outdoor activities. Betting on weather gear and whimsical online advice is one way, but in the Vipava Valley and Goriška we prefer to rely on old wisdom. We adapt our activities to the weather. Want to know where to escape the heat, how to live with the Burja wind, what to do on a rainy day? We love being your hosts, and we'll happily share tips on having a great time in any weather. All year round.

Surprised by the weather

A rare combination of natural features makes our climate pleasant throughout the year. The Vipava Valley and Goriška are known in Slovenia for their many days of sunshine and long growing season, but also extended outdoor activities. We like to say there's only one sporting season here: all year round! Naturally, some activities like water sports can't be done in winter, and even our mild climate increasingly surprises us with extremes. Summers in the Vipava Valley can get quite hot, and that's when we like to retreat to the cooler surrounding plateaus: the Trnovo Forest, the Banjšice, and the Nanos, all richly dotted with hiking and cycling trails. Outdoors, the famous Vipava Valley Burja wind might be a nuisance for the uninitiated. On windy days locals will choose hiking and cycling trails along sheltered slopes. And if the rain just won't stop? In the Vipava Valley and Goriška there are many opportunities to visit cultural sites, museums and monuments. Of course, you can visit them in any weather, just like the famous wine cellars and exquisite local inns and restaurants. To help you make the most of each day, we've prepared special In Any Weather. All Year Round. content on our official tourist portal with a search list of offers and opening times. Browse, choose and enjoy your day in the Paradise Valley no matter the weather.

Open wine cellars

Visiting a wine cellar for a taste of fine local wines and delicacies is perhaps the Vipava Valley's essential experience. In the summer months, from start of June to end of August, there are great opportunities to meet winemakers as part of the Open Cellars offer, a guarantee for pleasant socializing. The winemaker or a family member will personally take you on a tour of the cellar, sometimes also the vineyard where the story of wine begins. With each wine you taste, you'll discover the details behind its uniqueness. Old indigenous grape varieties, special vineyard sites, knowledge passing from generation to generation, these grant the wines of the Vipava Valley a distinct character and quality among the world's best. Winemakers pair their tastings with carefully selected home snacks, while their family stories add charm filled with local tradition. Don't miss the opportunity to meet the makers of Vipava Valley's outstanding wines. We recommend checking which wineries are open on your preferred day. Advance notice is required, so that the hosts can give each guest their full attention.

Serenity and unforgettable adventures

Our Paradise Valley attracts many visitors, but it's never crowded. You'll find wonderful peace in the vast nature, on the hiking and cycling trails. For your hiking, cycling and motorbike plans you can browse the Vipava Valley Outdoor web app, featuring all the key information about each trail. Even in urban settlements there is no rush, and you won't have to stand in line to visit cultural sites. Wonderful places, people and stories are up for discovery in the company of our local guides. Choose one of our Top Adventures and see all the different sights of the Paradise Valley. Just don't forget to book your accommodation, wine tastings and other experiences ahead of time, especially in the summer months.