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August 2023

Golden Season

Flavours and joys of the parting summer

In August, the light changes. The golden time is drawing near, in the Paradise Valley starting in the vineyard and ending in the cellar. Its colour is that of ripe grapes, warm sunsets spilling across the mountain silhouettes, and the smiles of summer-bronzed local faces. The charms of ripe summer are second to none. Reach out and grab it before it slips away between the autumn clouds. In the Vipava Valley and Goriška, you can savour this golden season, experiencing the harvest and sharing in the joys of the locals. Let the Paradise Valley surprise you once more with its pleasantries on every step.

Start with an adventure

They say that first impressions matter most. Take your time then, a day or two, to discover this colourful world. Is your preferred stay camping in the shade of Mediterranean vegetation? Perhaps you're looking for rooms at an agritourism farm or an apartment in one of the little villages? A great choice. In the more urban settlements of the Vipava Valley and Goriška, peace and hospitality also await in the hotels and other accommodations. Once you're done sightseeing you simply must embark on an adventure to discover all the richness of the Vipava Valley and Goriška. Find out where the beautiful Vipava River springs forth, in the eponymous town Vipava thrilling with its

  • castles,
  • bridges,
  • old architecture and
  • many excellent inns and restaurants.

To the west, another worthy stop nearby is the city Ajdovščina, the economic centre of the Vipava Valley, whose ancient core surprises with its preserved remnants of the Roman Fortress Castra. Onward along the way, the unmistakeable vista of the medieval town Vipavski Križ beckons from the hillside. A stroll along its magical alleys will take you back to distant times, when this picturesque setting was a cultural and market hub of the valley. A visit of Nova Gorica, built only after the Second World War right along the Italian border, feels like a final step on a walk across the millennia. The young city, together with the neighbouring Gorizia, today shapes a distinct European conurbation of friendly contrasts and inspiring cross-border cooperation. In 2025, the two Goricas are jointly hosting the European Capital of Culture. You can find more tips for an active family getaway in the Paradise Valley here.

The charm of pristine countryside

Travelling these parts, you will encounter many castles and mansions, tracing remnants of millennia of cultures and the legacy of ancient settlements. Our Paradise Valley is fertile, its people ever in step with their tradition of natural food production and their distinct cultural landscape. Enjoy the sights of rolling hills covered in vines, visit old villages impressing with their rustic architecture, and don't miss the many opportunities to taste Vipava Valley wines with the local winemakers as they are truly phenomenal. Sampling wines and dry meats, cheeses and other snacks in the company of the locals will immerse you in their genuine beat, a way of life revolving around growing and making excellent foods. In the early days of September begins the grape harvest. If you would like to participate, ask with the local winemakers or at the agritourism farms since many will welcome your company. The harvest is a special experience characterised by enthusiasm and a traditional evening feast after a day well spent in the vineyard.

Special experiences with the local guides

The diversity of cultural landmarks and their stories, abundance of opportunity for activities in nature and the unstoppable allure of the local flavours is a unique combination placing our Paradise Valley among Slovenia's most popular tourist destinations. Where to begin? What to choose? Answers are known to our guides, who will be taking you on tailored adventures to enjoy everything this land has to offer, always in company with the cheerful locals and their mouthwatering delicacies. We've chosen some of our top experiences for you – named MUST DO in the Paradise Valley – to showcase the soul of this place and make sure you can unwind and relax to the fullest.

Grab the opportunity and enjoy all that the Paradise Valley has to offer!