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June 2023

Cycling into a Different Summer

The Paradise Valley impresses with its variety of experiences

Cycling's popularity is always on the rise. There are many reasons for this, while the increasing use of bicycles also brings exciting knowledge how much this trend is contributing to reducing environmental emissions caused by other means of transport. So, let's all hop on our bikes! Cyclists are especially welcome in the Vipava Valley and Goriška. Exploration calls across a variety and great diversity of trails, to the discovery of surprising landmarks, and stops that pamper with traditional delicacies made by the locals. The cycling Paradise Valley is real!

Bike & Taste in the Paradise Valley

The Vipava Valley is a wine country whose distinct climate accommodates a thriving range of fruits, alongside hearty vegetables in the gardens and fields. The fertile land is famous for its rich wine and culinary tradition. It is the people keeping it passionately throughout the centuries, exploring new ways to prepare extraordinary foods, who give these parts their unique character. In the eyes of the foodies, the Vipava Valley and Nova Gorica belong at the pinnacle of the Slovenian wine and culinary offer. Wondering how to enjoy this luxury while adventuring on your bike? Easy! Bike & Taste in the Paradise Valley is our invitation to cycling from flavour to flavour. Choose the bike you prefer to ride and one of the many cycling trails suiting your wishes. All offer chances to stop at hospitable farms and home restaurants, where you can taste genuine dishes while socializing with the friendly locals. Of course, you can also flip the script and plan your cycling trip along preselected wine and cuisine points. Both are destined to leave you satisfied, just make sure to book accommodations ahead of time, especially at the agritourism farms. While planning your cycling route you can always rely on our web app Vipava Valley Outdoor that presents cycling and hiking trails, as well as interesting sightseeing points along the way.

Special goals, unique experiences

Are you a fan of major cycling events and special feats? Here you can test your mettle on inclines ascended by the champions of such spectacles as the Giro d'Italia and the Tour of Slovenia. From Nova Gorica you can cycle your way to Mt Sveta Gora, inviting from afar with its characteristic pilgrim basilica sight. Above Ajdovščina many are thrilled by the famous ascent to Predmeja along one of Slovenia's most picturesque roads. Once reaching the edge of the Trnovo Forest Plateau, the landmark Otlica Natural Window, a fascinating opening in the rock, is quite nearby. Below in the valley, many special goals likewise await. One of these is the Rihemberk Castle offering splendid opportunity to walk between medieval castle walls with a chatty lady in historical costume. A journey into another time is also found in the medieval walled village Vipavski Križ, where you simply must take your time and explore the local flavours in the Darovi Vipavske tasting and gift shop. Attractive biking stops also await in the town of Vipava with its many river springs, bridges, ancient architecture and restaurants. Lower by the River Vipava, near Renče, you can park your bike and find refreshment in paddleboarding. The riverbanks will impress you with lush vegetation and many birds nesting by the water. Then, off to wherever you wish, an evening scoop of artisanal ice-cream perhaps or a wine tasting with one of the nearby winemakers. Each day is uniquely different, each one is wonderful!

Browse the useful tips of our Green Guide

The pristine condition of the lands we're inviting you into is being preserved with great care. The beautiful landscape of vine-covered hills and ancient villages speaks of traditional agriculture and love for the fertile soil, while the great biodiversity of the karst plateaus and rivers depends on our attitude towards nature. Our spring waters are pure and always drinkable. Heritage encourages us to keep growing and eating wholesome local foods. All this is precious, and so we kindly invite you to help keep the Paradise Valley heavenly, just as it is. Our Green Guide provides friendly tips on how to travel these lands responsibly. Please observe and respect them, you will return home with a sense of harmony with nature.