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April 2022

The Paradise Valley for Outdoorsy Types

Compellingly different features found only in the Vipava Valley

Today, a real holiday means spending days in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature and fresh air. Have you already started thinking about where you can find new opportunities for your favourite outdoor activities this year, try something new or simply savour every moment? In this case, you should know that there is a Paradise Valley for the outdoorsy type. Its uniqueness comes from the sun-kissed and wind-shaped landforms that captivate the eye. Exquisite regional flavours give it its unsurpassed charm and signature touch. That this is truly paradise is reflected from the faces of the people who have already experienced it. Break out of your rut and savour your very own slice of Paradise Valley.

Delightful diversity

Fancy taking a scenic hike and ascending to the edge of a marvellous mountain, only to top it off by paragliding down into the valley? Would you like to take a nice cycling holiday and spend a hot summer day by taking a SUP out to the magical meanders of the Vipava River? Would you care to saddle a rented e-bike and head on a guided tour of ancient villages and winegrowing hills? Perhaps you’d enjoy the view of the valley from its steepest yet year-round sunny via ferrata or go down a steel cable over Soča River, and finally, take a raft to cross over to Italy? There is so much going on in the Vipava Valley and border-free Goriška Region that you will sooner run out of your vacation days than be able to experience it all. But whatever you choose, a mellow saunter, either on foot or with a bike, steep ascents or thrill-seeking activities, you will always have marvellous views and numerous natural and cultural sites along the way to accompany you.

Authentic flavours await

After a day of outdoor fun, when it’s time to replenish, is when the Paradise Valley shows you what it’s really about. The Vipava Valley and Goriška Region are among the few places that offer twice the holiday pleasure. The moto here is: taste perfection, fall in love with authenticity. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re exploring the area’s typical fare, sharing an elegant meal made by a world-class chef or enjoying a wine tasting with one the valley’s renowned winemakers, it will always feel like Paradise. For this reason, you are invited to plan your activities around the concept of travelling from flavour to flavour. Check out our Bike & Taste tips, learn about the region’s wine and food highlights from our article Dreaming of paradise flavours and book your very own foodie session in any of the restaurants, inns or agritourism farms dotting the valley. Did you know that in terms of Michelin stars, Gault & Millau toques and other wine and food accolades, this region ranks among the best in the whole country? Adding tastings sessions to your holiday itinerary will guarantee an unforgettable time.

All year round. Green.

A mild Mediterranean climate with an abundance of sunny days is the true hallmark of our Paradise Valley. Therefore, most outdoor activities can be enjoyed all year round, and water sports and some high-octane adventures can start even before summer arrives. From spring to autumn, the choice of outdoor pursuits is truly remarkable; and even when it gets cold, you can still go hiking, cycling, flying, climbing and riding, as long as the burja wind doesn't act up too much. But who could blame it. This local feature tends to get a little wild even in the middle of summer. It's as if to remind us that, for all human progress, nature is still the one in charge. The Green Guide serves as a friendly reminder for locals and visitors alike of the importance of staying in tune with nature, leading an authentic life and guarding the abundance of local resources. Read up on the green tips and implement them to help us to keep our Paradise Valley a paradise for years to come.