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March 2022

Refreshed Reasons to Visit the Paradise Valley

An active holiday in the Vipava Valley

Times when beautiful imagery was everything leading us on our selection of travels are gone. Life on our planet keeps changing, and with it our choices. Is our planned destination safe? Is the environment clean and the water drinkable? Can you truly relax there? Next to all these questions entertained by travellers, there's the ever-present wanderlust for exciting experiences, for discovery, tastings and all manner of delights. In the Vipava Valley and Goriška you can enjoy a marvellous stay. We present seven most convincing reasons to visit, with some fresh facts and highlights. Enjoy our paradise.

1. Safe, green, pristine

Unspoiled nature and genuine living make an impression on anyone setting foot in the Vipava Valley. These are the distinct values of the locals. In our efforts to keep nature clean and water pure, preserving the traditional appearance of the landscape and its precious custom, we wish to also include our visitors: we've designed the Green Guide whose friendly tips will help you travel responsibly. The Vipava Valley is a green destination, proud carrier of the official Slovenia Green Destination seal. Safety and wellbeing are number one priorities here, and our guests are looked after according to high national Green&Safe standards, and international Safe Travels standards. Late last year, Juliet Kinsman, among sustainable tourism's most distinguished journalists, presented Slovenia in the lifestyle magazine Condé Nast Traveler as one of the world's top sustainable destinations, singling out the Vipava Valley and its vigorous fresh air.

2. A culinary paradise

No doubt about it, tastings are what draws most visitors to this place. Many continue to return for the extraordinary foodie experiences. "If you like to eat well, head to the Vipava Valley", writes Juliet Kinsman in her above piece on Slovenia. Not too long ago, praise over Vipava Valley's heavenly flavours was also expressed by Justine Gosling, journalist of notable The Independent. The secret of the culinary paradise lies in the locally-sourced ingredients, prepared by outstanding culinary masters and chefs of the valley's inns, restaurants and agritourism farms, in traditional as well as creative ways. The Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška boast the greatest number of Michelin Stars and recognitions in Slovenia, and their top position nationally is affirmed by the culinary guide Gault&Millau. Vipava Valley prosciutto, home dishes, fruits, chicory, asparagus, even roses on the plates introduce an exciting uniqueness.

3. Phenomenal Vipava Valley wines

The Vipava Valley is a true paradise for wine lovers, impressing with premium quality and rare indigenous old varieties, among them the autochthonous Zelèn. Local winemakers follow a traditional wine legacy, increasingly returning to natural winemaking procedures perfected with contemporary knowledge. Wine tastings in the Vipava Valley are in a class of their own; local experiences with the winemakers, including tasting wines straight from the barrel in vaulted old cellars, are rated highest in Slovenia on Tripadvisor. In fact, the Lonely Planet included wine tastings in the Vipava Valley in its 6 Reasons to Visit Slovenia. Rudolf Abraham, established author of European travel guides and photographer, was likewise amazed by the wines of the Vipava Valley on his last year's explorations of the Slovenian culinary world.

4. Heavens for outdoor activity, all year round

Simply ideal conditions attract numerous lovers of outdoor activities to the valley. Pleasant climate, gentle winters and plenty of sunny days add their touches to the likeness of paradise. A diverse topography and abundant waters provide for sporting adventures. Literally all year long, visitors can enjoy cycling, hiking and cross-country running, free flying, climbing and horse riding. From spring till autumn you can also unwind with adrenaline experiences and water sports. The Vipava Valley and Goriška frequently host important cycling, cross-country running, and free-flight international competitions, while also excelling as a great training camp destination.

5. Natural and cultural landmarks

A landscape chiselled by sun and wind, showing the typical character of the Dinaric Karst and the Mediterranean, fascinates with its unique karst phenomena, picturesque river springs, enchanting winegrowing hills, rocky slopes and pristine forests where you can encounter surprising biotic diversity. Since ancient times these lands have also been a distinct meeting place of cultures. Explore preserved ancient Roman remnants, visit castles and mansions, witness cultural treasures of the churches and monasteries, discover architectural landmarks and take the historical Walk of Peace. In the museums and galleries, stories of the past and contemporary creativity unveil the soul of the locals. "The Vipava Valley is a rich fertile landscape, stretching in western Slovenia to the border with Italy, enjoying a magical combination of outstanding wine and cuisine, dramatic karst views and medieval castles rising over beautiful little villages," esteemed travel journalist Mary Novakovich recently wrote in an extended article for CNN Travel.

6. Top adventures

If you're looking for a close touch with heaven, delve into the beauties, culinary-wine treats and local stories in the company of our local guides. Choose one of our top adventures and unwind in the discovery of the prettiest corners, local wines and dishes complete with origin and preparation, unforgettable experiences with folk that open wide the doors to their homes and their hearts. Our seasoned guides know many ways to offer an active getaway and thrilling adventures, or perhaps special pamperings and a playful experience for the family. The program is tailored to each guest. Let us surprise you!

7. Simplicity and hospitality

Dotting the i on your experience are the friendly people. Online, you can easily find comments by enthusiastic travellers expressing their joy over the hospitality and kindness of locals in these parts. These organic narratives, alongside the outlined professional journalism articles, round out the image of the valley's travelling atmosphere. Come, stay a while and see for yourself. Countryside accommodations, luxury or simple, will lull you into a serene daily beat. The urban ones don't skimp on comfort. Excellent glamping, nicely kept camping sites and agritourism farms are perfect for a close touch with the local world. In the hotels, rooms and apartments, you'll find your oasis of peace among active experiences, trips and adventures of all kinds.

The Paradise Valley is real.

These seven reasons to visit the Paradise Valley offer some guidance in your exploration. Browse our website and find more appealing reasons to visit the Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška. Book your future trip today, and welcome to our paradise.