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December 2022

From the Heart of the Paradise Valley, Happy Holidays!

Let your wishes come true as heavenly experiences

The end of the year is a season when memories stir and new wishes spring to life. It's human nature to long for beautiful things, but even more so than shiny holiday gifts, it's wonderful experiences that bring a fabulous spirit of joy. Discovering our world's mysterious beauties, exploring uniqueness, socializing with kind-hearted people fills us with thrilling energy. What's your desire for New Year's new experiences? In the Vipava Valley and Goriška, undiscovered trails and stories await, with countless fantastic flavours and meetings with friendly locals. A heavenly experience.  

Adventuring between the nativity scenes

With the December lights and holiday atmosphere, our parts are also visited by the magical time of a most charming Christian tradition, the building of nativity scenes. In accordance with custom, the valley locals set up nativity scenes in their churches and homes. An interesting curiosity spreading in the past decades are artful nativity scenes outdoors, in front of the houses or in the windows. And so, in the upcoming festive time, the land comes to life with creative nativity scenes, many featuring hand-carved figurines and surprising interpretations of Biblical narrative. The best-known outdoors nativities are waiting in the walled medieval town Vipavski Križ, in the town Vipava, and in the village Tabor above Dornberk. In the Vipavski Križ you can also see a nativity scene exhibition. The longest tradition of extensive, now international exhibition of nativity scenes is found on Mt Sveta Gora above Nova Gorica, a famous pilgrimage site with a great basilica and Franciscan monastery.

Heavenly flavours. All year round.

Treat yourself to a holiday experience of heavenly flavours. In the Vipava Valley and Goriška, there aren't any particularly Christmas-themed dishes characteristic only for these parts. Of course, traditional Slovenian potica cake is a must during any holiday, but other foods are a matter of choice. And choice there's plenty here, all year long! You can select between wholesome traditional dishes, always available in the family restaurants and agritourism farms, opt for perfect pampering in one of the haute cuisine restaurants boasting Michelin stars or Gault & Millau hats, or warm up your holidays by tasting famous Vipava Valley wines with the local winemakers. Though it seems like things haven't changed, you'll be able to feel the festive spirit on every corner! The menus are made even richer, and the winemakers open their very best vintages. Your favourite treats can also be purchased to go, as a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Stars of local heritage

ur fascinating heritage. Visiting nativity scenes in the Vipavski Križ, you'll find yourself in a scenic walled medieval town, one of Slovenia's prettiest cultural monuments. Vipava, likewise, famous for the unique delta spring of the eponymous River Vipava, is an ancient settlement full of historical landmarks. Perhaps you'll rather choose to explore heavenly flavours at the nearby late-Renaissance  Zemono Manor House, now home to a stellar restaurant. In Nova Gorica you'll be impressed by the numerous museum collections managed by the Goriški Museum, whose most extensive one is on display at the Kromberk Castle. A true pearl not to miss is the Kostanjevica Monastery on a hill overlooking Nova Gorica, where you can see the tomb of the last French Bourbon kings and the precious Škrabec Library.

Let the new year be peaceful. Let it be filled with pleasant travels.