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November 2022

Genuinely green

A sustainable lifestyle is in our DNA

Just recently, the planet’s population has hit eight billion. In the wake of this milestone, we are given a new opportunity to reflect. Have we truly realized the kind of future we are creating right now? Are we really willing to change more of our habits and embrace a more conscious life? We, the people of the Vipava Valley and the Goriška Region, have been passed down a priceless treasure from those who came before us. And we’ve done our best to keep to preserve it: to keep our environment clean, the soil fertile, and to hold on to the rich traditions of our ancestors. It is literally in our blood. Now, more than ever, we are aware of the precious treasure we’ve been handed down. Our efforts to keep it that way remain genuine. Welcome to the verdant Paradise Valley.

Tell me, where you walk

The gorgeously varied setting makes our region a sight to behold. Scattered throughout the valley, the tiny villages dominate the wine-growing hills and imbue the highest plateaus with life. Since ancient times, paths of varying steepness and width have connected the villages snaking along the slopes of the plateaus. All of them are, of course, gorgeous. For this reason, you are encouraged to explore our Paradise Valley on foot. We have picked out a lovely selection of hiking trails that will take you to our natural sights and breathtaking vantage points, our most intriguing places, and cultural landmarks. These hiking trails and cycling trails are featured in our Vipava Valley Outdoor web app, where you will also find other great information. In terms of hiking, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. As an added bonus, each of the hiking trails has its own fascinating story. The Trail along the Edge snaking over the Gora Plateau is the most popular of the bunch due to its scenic vistas, natural sights, and biodiversity. If you decide to hike the wine-growing hills, don’t miss out on the Vertovec Trail dedicated to Matija Vertovec, the great viticulture teacher of the local wine growers. Tales from WW1 can be discovered along the Trail to Mt Sveta Gora through the trenches and caverns of WW1, and on the trail from Nova Gorica to Mt Škabrijel. The longest, and arguably most fascinating, trail tough is the Learning Trail along the Vipava River which shows the natural magic of a carefully preserved pristine waterfront. The highest peaks, even those over 1,400 metres, can be scaled all year round. Enjoy your endeavours and please keep in mind our Green Guide tip to stay on the marked trails when you are out and about.

Tell me, what you eat

Today, the flavours of the Paradise Valley will take you on a journey of discovering our most cherished culinary traditions. Two millennia ago, the Romans started cultivating grapes, whereas nowadays old indigenous grape varieties are being kept well and alive by the local winemakers. The indigenous Zelèn, Pinela and other local varieties produced by local winemakers in boutique quantities are highly sought after by wine lovers for their quality and je ne sais quoi. But it is not only the old varieties that have been kept alive. Today, the rich tradition of viticulture and winemaking is the cornerstone of sustainable and organic grape production and the pillar of regional wine cultivation. It is no different in our orchards, fields, and gardens. Centuries ago, local fruit, vegetables, and of course wine, carried the name of the Vipava Valley and the Goriška Region as far afield as Vienna and Rome. Numerous accounts from various time periods reveal that our region was hailed as the Garden of Eden. But the produce wasn’t only exported. Having been known as very fertile, the Vipava Valley and Goriška Region also attracted aristocracy, appealing to their refined palate and appetite for finer things in life. Here, along millennia-old transport routes, at the junction of different cultures, a distinctive food culture has emerged, revolving around the use of seasonal, local ingredients. Today, it stands both as the key principle and a source of inspiration for modern culinary artists. Savour the heavenly flavours. The Vipava Valley and Goriška Region also beckon with great wine tastings at the region’s winemakers, fine dining restaurants, local inns, and agritourism farms. Take a cue from our Green Guide: embrace eating locally-produced food.

Tell me, how you’re doing

The gorgeous natural backdrop and carefully cultivated pristine countryside are soul-balming. The tranquillity and laid-back lifestyle can be felt at every turn. If you spend any time with the locals, you will feel their love for the place where they were born in, their passion for upholding traditions, and their sincere concern for the environment. The local hospitality is genuine. Accept the invitation to visit the wine cellars and vineyards, take the fruits you are generously gifted, and be sure to graciously take on board the advice that has been handed down from generation to generation. Go about exploring our area together with our local guides who will gladly accompany you to your preferred top adventures. Hanging out with the locals will help you see all the nuances of our local hospitality, including the friendly tips for responsible travel and conscious stays in our region that you can find in the Green Guide.

May your time-out start and end carefree. Welcome to the genuinely green Paradise Valley.