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February 2022

Active and Unique. All Year Round.

A paradise for diverse outdoor activities

Spring is just about to bloom in the Vipava Valley, a flowering paradise for outdoor activities all year long. Locals like to say hiking and cycling are done in many places, but nowhere like the Vipava Valley. Not only for its unique landscape whose marvels enchant the eye, this land also combines activities in nature with natural and cultural landmarks, and tasty journeys from flavour to flavour. The selection is simply thrilling. Any season of the year, visitors can explore curious sights, choose memorable experiences and enjoy pristine nature. The Paradise Valley is real.

Experience the valley, the plateaus and the sky

The Vipava Valley, to the west opening into the cross-border plains of Goriška, is simply ideal for sports activities and carefree enjoyment of the outdoors. Great diversity is provided by the unique character of the landscape. In the valley, along the picturesque River Vipava, trails and pathways wind through fields and orchards, inviting adventurers to explore them by foot, on a bike or on horseback. In the warmer months, the River Vipava also calls to kayaking or paddleboarding along the green luxuries of its banks. In the far west, where the Vipava Valley meets the valley of the River Soča, this emerald beauty offers yet more opportunities for water sports as well as adrenaline experiences. Valley trails in the south ascend onto scenic Vipava Valley hills, covered in vineyards and pine groves, presenting hikers and cyclists with many opportunities to rest in rustic, tightly-knit little villages. On the valley's other side, up steep and often rocky cliffs, tall Kras plateaus invite those looking for outdoor adventure. From Mt Nanos, across Mt Gora and all the way to the western edge of the Trnovo and Banjšice plateaus, beautiful mountain hiking and biking trails abound. All year long, the Vipava Valley also offers excellent conditions for rock climbing on the sunny slopes of the Kras plateaus, while on their edges, famous paragliding and hang-gliding take off spots await the daring. Did you know that the Vipava Valley enjoys the longest free flying season in this part of Europe? Adrenaline excitement is in no short supply here. In urban settlements you will also find biking and skateboarding ramps, and in the summer quite a few nicely kept swimming pools. A tip: book your accommodations in advance, so you can instantly surrender to the easy-going joyful rhythm of the Paradise Valley.

The latest hit: Bike & Taste

Do you like to get on your bike as soon as you have the time? The diverse cycling trails of the Vipava Valley will cater to your expectations during all seasons of the year. What's more, the Paradise Valley offers unique specialties: Bike & Taste, cycling from flavour to flavour. When you pick a suitable cycling challenge for yourself, your friends or family, don't forget that the Paradise Valley offers double pleasures. While cycling the valley and nearby hills you simply have to pause and sample local delicacies at one of the welcoming agritourism farms or wineries, whose excellent wine tastings come with traditional snacks. Longer stops can be planned in the local inns and restaurants, treating you to a selection of genuine local dishes, or fine dining establishments offering haute cuisine. Flavours also await on the tall plateaus, in the popular highland agritourism farms and mountain lodges. Bike, taste, and enjoy the sights! At the end of the day, you'll know exactly why this place is known as the Paradise Valley.

Adventures with the local guides

In the Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška, cultures have been meeting for thousands of years, all leaving their fascinating traces here. Ancient Roman remnants, medieval villages and castles, old churches and recent manors, thousand-year-old settlements, captivating water springs and natural wonders present a tapestry of marvellous stories, best experienced in the company of friendly local guides. Browse our colourful collection of top adventures and choose your perfect fit. Guides will take lovers of nature along lesser known routes, peeking at hidden corners and opening doors of the local farms … Starting this year, adventures across the Paradise Valley are also supported by tips presented in the Green Guide. Look it up, travel safely and responsibly and help us keep the valley a paradise for everyone.