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December 2021

Wishes that Come True

Plan your heavenly experience

We can't always choose our rhythm of life, the past two years have shown this time and again. Still, in the magical holiday season we can pursue wishes of peace, rest and beautiful places. What's on your mind? What brings joy to your heart, and a sense of wondrous fulfilment? Are you longing for travels? Here and there, to truly unwind, there has to be a journey involved. In the Vipava Valley and cross-border Goriška, opportunities for active relaxation in pristine nature await all year round, alongside culinary pampering and local stories that will, like a good book, dispel your daily routine. Catch the wishing season and plan a holiday in the paradise valley.

The magic of tradition

Experience our land as it wears its festive spirit. The Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška enchant travellers with genuine nature, while in late December, you can explore the local incarnations of one of the most pleasant Christian traditions, nativity scenes at the celebration of Christmas. Crafting and building nativity scenes is a family custom here, and many have moved from indoors into the streets and windows of the houses. In some places, the scenes are specially exhibited, spotlighting creative ideas inspired by Christmas folklore. Take a walk along the ancient streets of the Vipavski Križ, the town Vipava or the village Tabor above Dornberk, where Christmas lights and nativity scenes create a fascinating atmosphere. Do visit one of the nearby wine cellars, too, since joyously tasting wines is another local tradition of the season. The winemakers will present their young wines, in barrels only since autumn yet already showing character. In the houses of wine, where locals traditionally receive you with tasty home snacks, you'll be pleasantly warm on the coldest of evenings.

Bike & Taste in the Paradise Valley

Opportunity to enjoy a luxury of flavours is always available here, and you can also go cycling all year round. On rare occasions when the powerful burja wind is howling, or the sky is raining cats and dogs, you might have to stay under a roof for a minute, but any other day can be spent cycling from one flavour to another on our Bike & Taste experiences. Among all the Slovenian regions, the Vipava Valley and cross-border Goriška enjoy the greatest number of sunny days in a year, while air temperatures are gentle enough for outdoor activity during winter months as well. In the summer when the valley can get hot, you can always retreat on a bike to the surrounding hills and plateaus, into the refreshing shade of the Trnovo Forest. On trails of different length and difficulty, between refreshing stops, cycling is exciting all day long. Perhaps you'll take the time to see some of the famous landmarks along the way, and you definitely have to stop at one of the local restaurants or agritourism farms where they'll treat you to wholesome foods from locally-sourced ingredients. No matter when you plan your Bike & Taste adventure, you'll enjoy unique seasonal flavours and dishes in the company of hospitable locals.

Curious places, charming sights

What are the most beautiful locations in the Vipava Valley and cross-border Goriška? Perhaps the greatest charm of these sites is their diversity. Some sprang from prehistoric foundations, others emerged during major historical periods. The biggest urban area around here is Slovenia's youngest city. Nova Gorica, today forming alongside the Italian Gorizia a unique cross-border harmony of twin cities, was only built after the Second World War, while not far away you can visit Solkan, the oldest settlement in this region first mentioned in records from 1001. Eventful history and medieval construction may be explored in the iconic Vipavski Križ, a trademark sight and symbol of the Vipava Valley. In the nearby Ajdovščina, stories of a great and decisive European battle are narrated by the preserved remnants of the Roman Castra fortification. Especially enchanting are old villages like Pedrovo and Goče. The latter is famous for its many stone-vaulted wine cellars, once more numerous there than even houses. Fascinating variety is also contributed by the characteristic landscapes of the Trnovo and Banjšice plateaus and Gora Plateau, rising above the valley along the karst mountains. The soul of the Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška is also found in the many castles and mansions, and in the traces and stories of the Isonzo Front and the First World War. Plan your future adventures today, and don't forget you will always find friendly accommodations and genuine hospitality here.