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August 2021

The joy of travelling

The secret of the Paradise Valley is its authenticity

“The new normal” is what some describe the way we live and travel today. Indeed, many things have changed. But the unquenchable wanderlust and the desire to take a time out to relax and appreciate the small things are as present as ever. Travellers who have already discovered their heavenly experiences in the Vipava Valley and Goriška Region this summer, went on to share their stellar experience on various travel apps, showering the region and its people with praise and highlighting things that the locals barely even notice. And for the most part, the greatest pleasures are derived from things that cannot be contained in a photo, no matter how attractive we make it. Little surprises, authenticity and sincerity of the hosts are those magical ingredients that make the entire trip a bit like paradise. The Vipava Valley and the cross-border Goriška Region simply have to be experienced – live it to believe it!

Hidden gems

Captivating in every season, the picture-book landscape is love at first sight for many visitors. However, to get to the best corners and the most thrilling experiences, you will have to take the path less travelled. For this, travellers are advised to hire local guides. These also went to work to craft neat trips, bundling the area’s natural features, traditions and local delicacies into a range of attractive top adventures. Browse our website and pick your own! Of course, you can also set out to discover the area’s hidden gems on your own. One of the most astonishing places is the ancient village of Pedrovo, located on a hillock above the impressive Rihemberk Castle. In the tiny Pedrovo get ready to have your senses rocked. You can opt to stay in an agritourism farm, visit an organic dairy or book accommodation in an art gallery! For a getaway of a different kind, don’t miss this place! A special treat for anyone into rural architecture is the village of Goče. Nestled among hilly vineyards, the village boasts the largest number of underground cellars in the region, and features a host of other architectural highlights. Mysteries of a different kind are to be discovered in Ajdovščina. In the town centre lie the vestiges of the Roman fort of Castra with the longest surviving Roman wall in the country. You are invited to discover art gems in the Pilon Gallery, which is one of the finest cultural establishments in the valley. In order to get a feel for how fatefully and inextricably these places are connected with those across the border in Italy, set foot onto Europe Square, shared by Nova Gorica and Gorizia as a symbol of a one-of-a-kind conurbation right on the today fully open state border. In 2025, the cities will share the title of European Capital of Culture in a display of this bond.

Experience the authenticity of the Paradise Valley

Today it’s all about sustainable tourism destinations. For the Vipava Valley and the border-free Goriška this is not just a fad, it is in our DNA, especially in terms of food production, cuisine and winegrowing. Traditional production methods are being successfully updated to suit the changing climate conditions. This year, as the fruit crop was almost completely obliterated due to a spell of bad weather in spring, the valley is glad to be able to indulge in melons which, up to a decade ago, did not even grow here. Year-round, the inns and agritourism farms serve up traditional seasonal dishes made from local ingredients. Embark on a journey of heavenly flavours and relish the region’s uniqueness. Wine fans can discover old indinative grape varieties that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The rich heritage is the source of inspiration for our culinary masters, some of whom have been awarded with the highly coveted Michelin stars and distinctions. Several fine inns and restaurants boast the designation Slovenia Green Cuisine. Moreover, local tradition also holds that for good food, you need to have good water first. There’s an abundance of good water in the Vipava Valley and you can drink it straight from the tap or from public drinking fountains provided in urban areas. Forget bottled water! Just bring along your reusable bottle, and you will be able to refill it with fresh water everywhere you go.

The people

This part of the world was bestowed with unique advantages. But it’s the people who elevate the experience to a whole new, heavenly, level. The rave reviews left by travellers on various online travel platforms indicate that the locals of the Vipava Valley and Goriška Region are superb hosts. Imagine how lovely it would be to stay in a top-ranked campsite and catch the distinctive smell of fresh bread straight from the oven, even before you open your eyes! Imagine how amazing it would be to visit an old-fashioned cheese ripening facility after you’ve already had a divine cheese tasting. Imagine how unforgettable it would be if you had your glass of wine poured straight from the barrel, with the winemaker/host recounting tales of the generations to whom the winemaking torch has been passed on. This openness and sincere hospitality are also hallmarks of the local tourist guides who will gladly accompany you to and through your top adventures. All this is why the Vipava valley and border-free Goriška are uniquely different.

Bike & Taste in the Paradise Valley

All the magical ingredients making up the “heavenly” experiences, the local treats, the down-to-earthness and realness of your hosts come together in a Bike & Taste adventure through our Paradise Valley. Cycling isn’t just a popular way to get moving, it’s also a highly inspiring way of exploring the area. Hit the pedals to the remotest corners of the valley, or straight to the doorstep of the local wine cellars and dining establishments with opulently laid tables just waiting for you. Savour the views, the lush greenery and fresh air. Indeed, the Paradise Valley truly is a cyclist’s paradise.