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November 2021

Travel Between Heavenly Flavours

The season of traditional wine & culinary experiences

Harvest is done, and the wine cellars are full to the last barrel. It's time for gratitude, joy and merrymaking in tasting nature's gifts, part of our vibrant tradition. From the early days of November all the way to Christmas, the Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška live their tradition of wine cellar visits. Wine tastings as social events are deeply rooted in the local culture, its characteristic connection to nature and the people who have for millennia been drawing the best from the soil across the sunny hills and tranquil valleys. Welcome between the heavenly flavours, in the company of locals and their customs.

Autumn joys in the wine cellar

The Vipava Valley was simply made for the vine. Vineyards were planted here two thousand years ago already, ever since then challenging, teaching and rewarding the local winegrowers with their wonderful produce. Knowledge passes between generations, alongside tradition for winemakers to visit one another after St. Martin's Day, taste young wines and exchange their views of the craft. On the holiday of St. Martin, the farmers invite all who helped in the vineyard and harvest to a table full of home treats and wine. From this tradition and the contemporary celebrations of the wine vintage along the Vipava Valley Wine Road sprang a variety of events, for over two decades collectively known as the Vipava Valley Wine Cellars between St. Martin's Day and Christmas. Rites where winemakers and their communities present wines and home foods were evidently postponed last year, and this year as well, we still can't look forward to all the traditional activities. Nevertheless, guests can visit individual Vipava Valley winemakers, attend some of the delightful osmica open door events and enjoy the special seasonal offer of the local inns and restaurants. Despite the pandemic limitations, genuine local atmosphere and the joy of the people at their new harvest can be experienced firsthand, taking into account the safety measures in place.

Paradise valley for the foodies

Guests like to return to these lands time and again, often for their luxury of flavours. The fertile landscape, named the paradise garden centuries ago, delights visitors with its abundance and tradition. Practices once again appreciated as sustainable, benevolent for nature and wellbeing, have always been a reality in the Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška, regardless of trend. From home garden to plate, always fresh and seasonal – this is the motto of local cuisine, recognized in each dish at the agritourism farms, hospitable inns and renowned haute cuisine restaurants. Is the wholesome local cuisine affected by Italy's vicinity? Or perhaps, its culinary genes still contain traces of the noble feasts held in these parts throughout history? Each plate set on the table in the Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška paints a harmony between the local ingredients and the affection it was made with. No surprise, then, that two local restaurants boast a Michelin star, while many more feature in prestigious culinary guides of the world. Taste uniqueness and enjoy the flavours of paradise...

Active? All year round!

What to do on a relaxed sunny day? The Vipava Valley and frontier Goriška are easily explored by bike, and if you haven't brought one you can always rent it with the local providers. In autumn they call to cycling adventures across the valley hills, past colourful vineyards and scenic villages. Don't miss our specialty, the Bike & Taste experiences taking you from flavour to flavour on bikes. Autumn is also splendid for hiking, and in late November, the first Sunday after St. Martin's, the traditional Hiking in the Footsteps of Matija Vertovec usually takes place, heading across the Vipava Valley's hills, through its vineyards and villages. Due to the health emergency the event has been cancelled once again, but you can still explore the valley's hiking trails on your own, making use of information on the variety of trails provided by our Tourist information centers.

Safety is always first

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we're keeping careful track of current health conditions and complying with state regulations concerning its management.
The offer presented in this newsletter may be affected by changes in public health circumstances at any time. Kindly check the availability of the offer prior to your arrival.