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July 2021

Vacations! In the Paradise Valley.

Let it thrill and pamper your senses

Everyone has their own reasons for taking time off, but this year we've got one in common. After a year of living with restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we're yearning for travel pleasures and true relaxation outdoors. The Vipava Valley and the Goriška, perfectly remote and diverse, pleasantly calm and yet inexhaustible with experiences, with their uniqueness and genuine hospitality offer adventuring in sunny nature. Precisely what you've been dreaming of. Welcome to the paradise valley, where your favourite outdoor activities and fascinating stories walk hand in hand with the tasting of fantastic local cuisine.

Bike & Taste in the Paradise Valley

The popularity of cycling needs no introduction. Once you've got the right bike and terrain in mind, the only question left is: "Where to?" The paradise valley offers a simple solution, Bike & Taste: cycling from flavour to flavour. In the Vipava Valley, across its pleasant winegrowing hills, the plains of Goriška, the tall Kras plateaus and their edges, biking challenges of all types await. Solo, with your friends or family, there's something for everyone. What's more, in the valley of gourmet delights, it all comes with twin pleasures. After a long day of cycling you simply have to treat yourself to delicious local flavours, whose richness can't be expressed in word or photography. Jump off your bike and step into a local winegrowing farm where unique Vipava Valley wines mature in the cellar, while tasting comes with slices of Vipava Valley prosciutto and other home treats. By bike you can reach a variety of local inns serving genuine traditional food, or one of the haute cuisine restaurants of the land. Everywhere, expect to see locally sourced ingredients, wholesome, natural and fresh. Don't miss out on the region's many gastronomic and wine specialties or the award-winning cuisine recognized by guides like Michelin and Gault&Millau, ranking the Vipava Valley into the pinnacle of the Slovenian culinary offer. Bike, taste and enjoy!

Top Adventures

Of course, the paradise valley can also be explored in other ways. You'll be thrilled by our range of activities in nature, next to cycling offering hiking tours, paragliding, horse riding, climbing, paddleboarding, kayaking and rafting. Adrenaline activities, including some of the most exciting, are always there for your choosing. A relaxing way to explore the valley comes with our seasoned local guides that'll take you on one of its top adventures. Exploring the natural and cultural landmarks, local stories and sights, fresh and traditional flavours, customs and ingenuity of the locals lets you feel the heartbeat of this place up close. Easy-going, sustainable, perfectly safe in accordance to strict Green & Safe standards Slovenia prides itself on, the valley is a place where you can simply unwind.

Summer Refreshment

In the Vipava Valley and the Goriška, there's plenty of sunny days and the climate is gentle and kind. Their unique position at the crossroads of geographically diverse worlds creates great conditions for activities in nature, available to guests all year round. Summers are normally hot, so we'll be happy to show you where to find refreshment when days start getting too steamy. Cool waters are always first on our mind: the Vipava River, after which the valley gets its name, invites to the exploration of its unique delta springs and the many relaxing activities along its banks. Would you like to go for some water sports or prefer to find inner peace while fishing? Great choices are also our tidy summer swimming pools in Nova Gorica and Ajdovščina. A true getaway from the summer heat is found in the many comfortable accommodations on the Trnovo and Banjšice plateaus and on the Gora Plateau at the eastern end of the Trnovo Plateau. Not just lower air temperatures, rest in the shade of centennial trees in the enchanting forests and sights of the nearby natural landmarks conjure up a magical summer vacation.