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September 2020

The Ripe Grapes of the Paradise Valley

Experience harvest in the Vipava Valley. Experience more.

Who says vacations are over? Holidays took a different route this year, and many found the novelty welcome. Several short escapes from our daily routine keeps us balanced and rested, while discovering unfamiliar places opens up brand new horizons. Exploring the peaceful countryside and nature is a good way to avoid the pandemic threat, too – Vipava Valley offers it all, a rustic remoteness, safety, and more curious experiences than you can wish for. Feels like heaven, indeed! Catch the grape harvest time and dive into the sweetness of the paradise valley.

New wine is about to be born

Be there to see it in person. In the ripe berries of the white and red grapes basking in the final sunrays of the season, the precious secret of the future 2020 vintage of wines is already nestled. In each vineyard, due to unique site position and soil, a somewhat different produce springs up even though the varieties may be the same. The harvest begins a new circle of nature's mysteries: making, maturing and nurturing wine. The Vipava Valley winemakers masterfully unite local tradition with modern methods, opting increasingly also for biodynamic wine production. Visit the Vipava Valley during grape harvest time, meet our local customs, and feel our joy at the picking of grapes! An unforgettable grape harvest adventure is organized by local guides from the Winestronaut team, with the longest tradition of guided wine-culinary experiences in the Vipava Valley. A hint: the winemaking agritourism farms are really busy these days, so make sure to book your visit in advance.

Seasonal flavours invite

The Vipava Valley is a culinary paradise. For its great fertility it was known as the paradise garden in the 17th century already, and even before. The richness of local ingredients, available all year round in the gardens, pantries and cellars, has always blessed the valley with amazing food on the table. Centuries ago in the halls of stately castles exclusively, and now in the local fine dining establishments and local-style inns for your enjoyment. Preserved is the lore of preparing seasonal dishes, preserved is a love for home foods and nature. This is why the Vipava Valley can invite you to its abundance of heavenly flavours. What does September bring to the plate? Visit the Vipava Valley and explore the tastes that simply delight. Book one of the culinary pamperings and wine adventures from the offer of our top adventures. Let's not forget: among all of Slovenia’s tourist destinations, the Vipava Valley offers the greatest number of restaurants boasting stars or recognitions by the famous Michelin guide.

Cycling? All year round.

On that beautiful day of the week, or during that long-expected weekend, what better way to keep active than hopping on a bike and riding into new adventures. In the Vipava Valley, cycling is pleasant all year round, with each season providing its favourite trails. In autumn, you simply have to ride by the vineyards; the diverse and scenic cycling trails across the hills of the valley will in September take you past vines heavy with fragrant, ripening grapes and chance encounters with jolly pickers. A week or so later, the vineyards will already be donning their charming autumn colours, daring you to snap that perfect photo you've been hunting for.

The Vipava Valley is a cycling heaven, known for its unforgettable stops in idyllic villages, welcoming farms and wine cellars. Our wine culture prescribes moderate tasting accompanied by light snacks, so it's a perfect match for your cycling efforts. Perhaps you've heard that the Vipava Valley combines some seemingly incompatible things, creating surprising "mix & match" experiences. If you'd like to experience more while also feeling completely safe, choose one of our guided cycling trips that include on-the-road assistance and shuttles to various locations. Discover the heavenly valley by bike!